January's Empties

This month I haven't really used anything.... how odd.

I don't know if it was all the new things at Christmas that threw me, must be.. the choices of shower gel is just too overwhelming, I am swapping and changing.

I did however manage to finish a bottle of Shampoo & Conditioner. These really are not the best, but they did the job. It isn't something I am overly fussy about - thanks to my super thick hair.

Mitcham deodorant however is the god of all. It will stop you from sweating for hours on end. I cannot bring myself to use anything else now - so this one has already been repurchased... the day I ran out.

 I have finally finished my bottle of Chanel Chance to make way for my new bottle. It's so sad to see it so empty - it really is a gorgeous fragrance.

As for the makeup. I have finished yet another tube of Collections Concealer. The boss of all concealer sticks. Cult favourite, my favourite - repurchased. Also finished off a tube of the Loreal Brow Artist, which is also becoming a favourite - repurchased.

As for candles - this month I have gone through 52 tea lights, two glade/fabreeze candles, a Large Yankee and 4 melts. (Gingerbread, Berry Trifle, Spiced apple and Mulled wine)

Have any of you hardly used up anything this month? Any wax melt recommendations? let me know in the comments below :)

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  1. Going through 52 tea lights... a big achievement :) Collection concealer is one of the best. Only thing I finished last month was a body lotion, but nothing more :)



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