Project Life: December

Finally I have finished up 2015. A year never fully feels over until I have done my project life. Now that it's done I have that nagging feeling gone. YAY! SO here is my best bits from December :)

The Christmas Tree is always on the first page in December, its tradition now! Along with a geeky picture of Iain and AJ being a couch potato, nothing new there :)
This was for our trip to Glasgow to see the Courteeners. I love putting tickets into PL, it just makes it more real, something to keep a hold of.

Michael got a whole page to himself. What a naughty elf! We had so much fun with him in 2015, he is a constant source of entertainment in December.

Christmas day. Lots and lots of Lego. And one happy boy - of course.

Hogmany. Party. Lots of drink and a coffee. What a fab end to such a good year. Here is hoping this one is just as good :)

What was your best bits in 2015? are you tempted to start a project life for 2016? I would highly recommend it! Let me know in the comments below.


  1. This looks so fun!

  2. Looks like you had a great December! Lucky Micheal to get a whole page for his photos :)


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