Brand Shoutout: Seventeen

It's not very often I focus on a highstreet brand I love, so this weekend I decided to focus on one of my favourite ones - Seventeen.

Seventeen is available at boots, and is one of their own brands. Seriously cheap, but really good quality.

 It isn't a brand I would try something like foundation from, but if you keep a lookout at their counters, you'll be sure to find some gems.

So here is my top picks from their range (of the things I have tried)

First up has to be their eyeshadows. They are so smooth and buttery, you would think they are highend - but at £3.89 they are well worth their tiny price tag. I would stay clear of the palettes, as their quality does seem to be reduced in them - but these sweet little singles are pretty amazing. I love the shades Rose Quartz and Statuesque.

Their cream eyeshadow in pencil form is also worth a shout out. This one is in "molten metal" and it is perfect for giving a shine to any gold eye. At £3.99 it will last you a while too.

Liquid eye liner isnt something I use very often. But when I do I reach for their wet look liner. Not only is it superblack and easy to apply - when it dries out you aren't horrified at the thought of replacing it. £3.99, cannot go wrong there.

I do love a blush, so when I seen they had brought these back I was thrilled. Basic packaging but a lovely product, I have it in first kiss and at £2.99 it was in my basket and through the checkout without much thought.

The main star of the show has to be their Contour Kit. at £5.99 it is one of their more expensive lines, but if you are new to contouring, or have a budget, this is the one for you. It is smooth, pigmented yet blendable, so you can fix it when you do go wrong. And of course the packaging is actually really cute - very NARS, without the price tag of course.

So there is my top picks from the Seventeen Range. Have you tried anything from them before? What is your favourite? let me know in the comments below.


  1. I really like the single eyeshadow formula so will definitely be checking out these two shades! xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. they are my favourites, but I know they have some new browner shades which look beautiful too :)


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