HAUL: How I spent my Christmas Money

Deciding what to spend my Christmas vouchers this year was definitely a huge decision. It's not very often I have a big amount of money to spend on make up all at once, so I wanted to make it worth it.

I spent hours online looking at swatches trying to decide which things I just had to have.. its a hard decision to make, ok not life changing but still.

So here is what I went for. I had £110 in Debenhams Vouchers to use up, and my local one is pretty epic.

1.  Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette (£39.00)
 This took the longest to decide on, mainly due to the Semi Sweet palette being equally as beautiful. So I took to Instagram and asked the question, most said go for the orriginal, and I am so glad I did - it's beautiful.

2. Too Faced Coco Contour Palette (£32.00)
 I was after a good contour bronzer. I have been using a sample of the Too Faced chocolate bronzer for a while now, and was away to purchase the Medium Coco when it became Out of Stock in my store. I then went online and spotted this. Haven't seen too much on this online, but for an extra £7 it seemed like such a cute palette. Will be putting a review up on this soon (with swatches)

3. MAC Lipstick in "A Sprinkle of Magic" (£15.50)
 This lipstick is part of their current "Faerie Whispers" collection. Frost formulation this is a beautiful coral shade with a slight golden shine. Something completely different to what I am used to but beautiful non the less. I think I will use this a lot during summer this year.

4. MAC ProLongwear Paint Pot in "Bare Study" (£16.00)
 I picked this up using the last little bit on the giftcards, total impulse buy but it was love at first swatch, its lovely, and so me.

5. Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow in "Scorpio" (£14.00)
This was recommended to me by one of the Urban Decay Girls after Cinderfella was Out of Stock, really happy with the finish of this, high intense gold glitter in a black shadow, and as I seem to be obsessed with the Naked Palette at the moment it is the perfect friend for it. Highly recommend this if you would like to add something extra glam to a gold smokey eye.

6. MAC Cinderfella (£18.00)
 I had my eye on this all december was just waiting on it coming back in. Basically the same as the Moondust but a silver high sparkle effect. It is beyond perfect.

So this was everything I got using my Christmas money. A huge haul for me, and I am really happy with everything I picked up. Have you tried anything I got? what did you think? Let me know in the comments below


  1. Well spend £110 voucher :) Some of these are on my wishlist, I don't know if I actually need them but they just look so pretty and I want them :) Sprinkle of magic is a beautiful shade, it would be perfect for spring/summer!


    1. thank you lovely! :) the Sprinkle of Magic really is something pretty! Should check it out :)

  2. What pretty picks! I love the look of the Too Faced palette especially. Love it!
    xo Kiki

  3. Amazing haul! I so want the Too Faced Contour Kit - it looks like the perfect contouring kit xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  4. Both the Too Faced palettes look gorgeous! I've had my eye on the Chocolate Bar for ages :) xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. The chocolate bar is so lovely. We typically love the same palettes so I would totally recommend this to you :) Thanks for stopping by lovely :)


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