The Next Boxing Day Sale 2015

If you would like to hear about how my obsession with the Next sale began you can read all about it here (on my last next sale post!)

So here is what I managed to pick up this time. Luckily I managed to get a really good online slot this year (which are like gold dust btw, I consider myself honoured ha) So these arrived over the past week. Hope you enjoy.

Dino T-Shirt: Was £6, Paid £3
Navy T-Shirt: Was £7, Paid £3.50
Star Wars T-Shirt: Was £13, Paid £6.50

3 Pack T-Shirt: Was £14, Paid £7
Jeans: Was £13, Paid £6

Police T-Shirt: Was £10, Paid £5
Truck Jumper: Was £16, Paid £8
Fire Engine Jumper: Was £12, Paid £6

 Shirt: Was £9, Paid £4.50

Wellies: Was £8, Paid £4
Raincoat: Was £22, Paid £10

Duffle Coat: Was £30, Paid £15

Pyjama Pack: Was £20, Paid £10
Christmas Jumper: Was £32, Paid £8

Total: £225, Spend: £102.50, Saving: £122.50

Did you guys end up at the Next sale? What did you get? Let me know what you got in the comments below :)

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  1. Great purchases, hon! Next is an amazing brand and the quality is great. It's always so nice to be able to save up a bit ;)
    xox Nadia


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