The Next Summer Sale 2015

The Next sale to me is tradition, something I have gone to since my son was about 2 month's old and I realised how much you could get for your cash.

Next kids clothes are essentials. To me they are 100% the best brand you can get on the high street for baby/kids clothes. Not only do they wash well, they wear great and the designs are fab.. Plus who on earth would pay £4 for a primark tshirt that will shrink after one wash, when you can pay £6 for a Next one which will last a year (or £3 in the next sale).

The problem with Next is that everyone knows they are good. So my alarm set for 03.30am - why? because my son is about to turn 4, and he has zero pairs of jeans in the size 4-5, which means to save myself £50 I will happily get up, to get the sizes I need. See the issue is the sizing. Unless you have a tiny baby, or a 15 year old, the chances or getting a size you need anytime after 05.10am is slim to none, so I wait for at least an hour outside freezing my butt off to get what I want, which has yet to fail 3.5yrs later.

I always manage to get exactly what I am after, the key is to go the week before and see what they have, figure out what you want most and head straight for that when you go in. Those of you who struggle getting jeans in size 12-16 you will have zero issues at 5am, even in the petite section.

So here is what I picked up, they had zero pairs of jeans in 4-5, but I am happy with what I did manage to get! 

I know 100% AJ is going to be obsessed with that Lego Tshirt. These were £2-£6 each. 

I have been looking at these for months now, so the chance to grab them for £13 was too good to miss :) 

From the home store I picked up £1 candles, a new mug and a double duvet pack. It's beautiful. And will be perfect for our room once it's done up! (I also managed to get the matching curtains and pillow online) 

Overall I spent £78.80. Well work the 3.30am alarm... I think. 

Yes, yes, yes I know you are all thinking "crazy lady" but trust me, if you love next, but you hate their sale, please get up at stupid o'clock and see what you can really get your hands on, I promise it will not disappoint. 

If you did go let me know what you managed to pick up in the comment section below, or tag me on Instagram/Twitter @MakeErinOver


  1. Aww you've got some lovely stuff! What a bargain for all the boys stuff! I've just posted mine too 😁

  2. Aww thats fab, whats the link so I can see? :)


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