Project Life: June


June was a fun month. Finally the sun hit scotland, so AJ & I took advantage and headed to the beach, photo's are always amazing on sunny days, makes me camera happy.
The rest of the sunny days were spent feasting on ice cream in St Andrew's with Iain and my mum. I even braved the bus one sunny day. AJ was buzzing to be on a bus, me not so much... the poor passengers sitting around him listening to him squeel the whole 30 minutes to St Andrews. The joy of being 3!

For anyone going to St Andrews, make sure you head to Janetta's... the ice cream is out of this world awesome. I promise you will love it!

The main event in June was a 5 hour car ride to Manchester with this belter. We travelled down and spent the night to go to Heaton Park to see the Courteeners. Iain loves them, so of course I happily went along too, I must admit it was a really good night, Iain just knows how to make me smile, singing at the top of his lungs jumping up and down like no one is watching. Complete Magic.

This month's project life I opted to keep quite simple using cards from the original Honey Kit. Do you love project life yet? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below :)

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