Mac: Nude Vs Bold

MAC 100% is my favourite for lipsticks, their formula is just incredible every single time. 

But how do you decide between a bold lip, or going bold on the eyes? Or just thinking fuck it and going for both! 

Here are my options and top picks for every occasion. 

1 HoneyLove  - the perfect true nude. At first, it's shocking foundation lips, but it has a rose warmth that just compliments a brown smokey eye perfectly. 

2 VelvetTeddy - The kardasians love it, and so do I, so if you are near a Mac and it's in stock, then grab it,,, I promise you won't regret it. 

3 Morange - The ultimate in bold orange. So bold you panic when you apply for just how orange this truly is. A hands down winner for summertime. 

4 Impassioned - there is nothing more pink than this beauty. It screams summer, beach and just fun. This is the first one I pack when I go on holiday. 

5 Opera - opera is limited edition, but it is very simmilar to the classic Russian red and ruby woo. This one wins simply because of the packaging! 

Hope you enjoy my top picks,,,, what are yours? Let me know in the comment section below :) 

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