Face Of the Day: A Basic Grey Smokey

I have been using my Mac palette constantly this month. Back in June I opted for a grey, "Typographic" and it's perfect for doing a grey smokey eye teamed up with Shroom all over the lid then Nylon to highlight... Such a pretty look. 

This is my standard eye for if I want to rock a bold lip, or I want to have neautral makeup. I think it looks awesome with some contouring and a nude lip too. 

It is super easy to do, grey in the crease then blend out, get yourself a felt tip liner for some easy flicks and a kohl black liner for along your lash line then finish up with some mascara! 

This was earlier this week with AJ, I just love it, and him of course. What a cutie pie! 

What do you use as your go to neautral look? Do you have one? Let me know in the comments below :) 

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