Face of the Day: Blue Liner

Every now and then I find a look that I just love to do, this is definitely one I love. Please ignore my greasy forhead and hairy face in this pic... #imreallyamonkey.. this was taken an epic 8 hours after I did my makeup, which I would say is actually alright for a full day's wear!

This look was pretty standard for my usual make up routine, with a slight difference along my lower lash line.
I decided to use my Vice 3 pallette, but this look can be recreated with any blue eyeshadow... or any colour really!
I opted for a mix of Truth and Downfall over my lid, then Reign in my crease blended in. I then took Freeze along my bottom lash line, then lined my waterline with the Bourjois Metalic Blue eyeliner.
Done! Whats your thoughts on this look? too much or ready to give it a go? let me know in the comments below, thanks for stopping by :)


  1. this looks stunning, you really suit it

  2. Gorgeous look.
    Love the blue!

    Lizzy | by Lizzy x


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