It's that Time Of the Month

Even at 24, over half my life dealing with periods, they still surprise me and torment me every month, like I didn't see it coming, despite me consuming my entire kitchen a few days before it's arrival.
Lets face it, the adverts are all lies. We now are able to achieve what we want, do what we want while we have them. But do we want to swim, run marathons when its that time? hell no. Well I don't anyway!
So this is my routine, when this time arrives.
First up is a shower, I hate feeling dirty, so I usually hop in a quick shower and opt for some Femfresh, yeah it's cringy but there is zero chance of irritation, and thats the last thing I need. Followed by some ugly ass pants, usually xmas ones in july, which my boyfriend hates beyond words. Then with the usual supply of tampons/pads, I really aint picky over which ones, I dont see it being something to fuss over!

For Clothes its always my ugly bottoms, they are singly the comfiest things I own. This may be something to do with them being an epic 4 sizes too big, but they are amazing. They are also falling to bits, have holes in them and various bleach stains, but I refuse to bin them. I think every girl needs a pair of PJs they (and their partners) are horrified by!
Thanks to Aunt Flow the arrival of my monthlies also brings some fat ugly spots. Ever since I was a spotty teen I have used freederm on my spots. It dries them out, I have zero idea if this is any good for my skin, I should probably look into this huh? but I just always reach for this when those pesky blemishes arrive.
For general skincare it always has to be Super Facialist by Una Brennan, but even more so when my skin, along with everything else is feeling rubbish. The Vitamin C and orange scent is incredible. Keep an eye out on my blog this week as I will be doing a full post on this. It is incredible.
Last up is just taking the time to have by myself, relaxing and just cramping in peace. Right now I opt for a salted caramel Yankee Candle, Llindt Excellence Caramel with a touch of sea salt (which is amazing btw) and Netflix with RuPaul's Drag Race, which is perfect of binge watching on the sofa.
What do you choose to do on the nights you just want to chill? let me know in the comment section below :)


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  2. ooo you are so right! :)

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