Topshop Sale Haul

Haul time! I love topshop, but damn they are overpriced. So a chance to grab a bargain is always welcome.

My first grab was these cream Hayden Jeans, I cannot tell you how unbelievably comfy they are, and for someone who is tiny and pear shaped jeans are the enemy. To find a pair that actually fit me is nothing short of a miracle, but these are perfect.
I am undecided if I will dye them black still, and would love opinions on this, cream or black? decisions please! for £15.00 they were a complete steal :)

Freedom @ Topshop is a brilliant collection, I am constantly finding cute little pieces with them, so I just had to grab these for £2 each. Simple yet stylish. Always a winner.

Last up was the makup section, i'm always so put off by make up in clothes shops, it just feels so wrong. But seeing a few bits in the sale I grabbed a few to try out. Purple polish and a nude lip.. will let you know how that goes later! :)
What have you managed to grab in the topshop sale?
Does anyone else have a hard time trying to find anything above a size 10 when the sales hit? Sale must be incredible if you are a size 4-8! #maybeishouldjustloosesomeweight ha!
Thanks for stopping by, leave your comments in the section below and let me know what you have managed to grab!

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