January Wish List

Here is this month's wish list, the things I am dreaming of, lusting after and just cannot live without (or that is what I tell myself anyway!) 


Well last month I had two wish lists, a santa one and a boxing day one. So here is a recap on both! 

1. CT Palette - Still dreaming of this, I really do need to place a CT order
2. Stobo Vouchers - Gifted (Thank you Gran!) 
3. Enchanted Forest - Gifted (Thank you Mum!) 
4. Chanel Chance - Gifted (Thank you Mum!) 
5. CT lipstick - again... I really need to place that CT order.... 
6. A New Home - Work in progress! 
7. Next Sale - DONE see here 
8. YC Berry Trifle - Gifted (Thank you Jaz!) 
9. MAC Ellie Goulding - PURCHASED here 
10. MAC Whirl - PURCHASED (finally) here 
11. S&G giftset - PURCHASED

1. Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Palette (£39.00 Debenhams) -So it was a showdown between the normal Chocolate palette, this one and the Gwen Stefani Palette, and I think this has won... but if you have any opinion let me know in the comments below, as I still am not 100% on the decision, ideal would be to buy them all - ha.

2. MAC Cinderfella (£18.00) - I was desperate for this on NYE, but all the teens had been in MAC with their xmas money and they had nothing left. I was gutted. But I still have my eye on this one, hopefully be able to pick it up soon.

3. Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution in "Sexy Sienna" (£23.00 Selfridges) So I have finally decided on the shade I want, and I have done enough overtime to just buy it this month, so its happening... fingers crossed.

4. TopShop cord pinafore midi dress (£42.00) - These have been in style for a while now, but I just love this one - its long enough to not make me feel self concious, and hides the belly with the detailing! Really love this, and will be getting it on payday *fingers crossed*

5. Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Eau de Parfum 30ml (£47.00 Boots)- This stuff smells incredible, Sexy yet still floral, would be a fab addition to my little collection at the moment :)

6. Becca Pearl (£30.00) - Everyone is raving over Champagne pop, but as a pale girl a gold highlight just doesn't suit me as much as a white one.. so I have had my eye on this one, and if I get the chance - this will be the one I go for.

So that's it for this month, what are you all wishing for this month? let me know in the comments below :)


  1. That too face palette does look wonderful.


  2. I also want all these CT bits and I wonder when I will make a move :) Also Becca highlighter... I so wanted to get mac magic of night highlighter after seeing so many photos from you, but they ran out of it... *sigh* :(


  3. Ahh babe, that is such a great wishlist! That Too Faced palette is such a beauty. Fingers crossed you get it soon, hon ;)
    xox Nadia


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