MAC "Baby's All Right" Lipstick

Every now and then I find a new lipstick that I consider to be a "game changer". Simply because it is similar enough to what I already love, but different enough to have me reaching for it constantly. This one from Mac is definitely one of these.

Every time I wear it all I can think is how it must be the love child of velvet teddy and mehr, but the more I look at it - it is MUCH cooler in tone, yet has the same big lips effect. It looks so nice on! :)

I know this was included as part of the Nikki's Nudes limited edition range, but I am pretty sure it will be back. First to sell out and all round beautiful shade.

Mac describe it as "Cool toned neutral pink" it really is the perfect nude which makes your lips look even bigger, I'm sure kylie herself would like it lol

Sorry for the quick post, but it's such a pretty shade - I needed to share it! :) 

Did you all pick up any of the new nudes from MAC? Let me know in the comments below :) 


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