The September Life Update: Turning 6, Starting College & The Return of PSLs

The personal post, what I have been up to this month! :) Still unsure on these posts, but meh - my blog my rules, and I have to do something with my pretty photos and internal chatter! :)


Turning 6

AJ is now 6! He turned 6 31/08/17, after counting down the whole month of August he was SO excited. He got everything he wanted, including the whole Ghostbuster Playmobil set, since then I have had regrets buying the thing though, damn is it noisy. WHY did I buy a noisy toy. Other than that he has been loving being 6, apparently it is much better than being 5. He is also happy to be the same age as all his friends at school now too, apparently age makes a big difference when you are 6!


The End Of Summer

As usual Scotland's summer has been terrible, and as usual we have 2 weeks of sunshine just before autumn. We have been out in it as much as possible. Trips to the park, just enjoying it before the long nights and cold days start all over again. This photo was taken with me lying on a bark floor in a park btw, shout out to photographers, you guys have it hard trying to get a good shot. lol


Walking the Queensferry Crossing

I flipping LOVE this picture. So for years they have been building another bridge into Edinburgh from Fife, it was finally finished 30/08/17, and we had the opportunity to walk across 02/09/17. This was a pretty huge deal because the bridge doesn't have a walk way - so in order to walk across the bridge had to be shut to traffic. Edinburgh held a raffle to be in with the chance to walk across, and luckily we were chosen! 50,000 people walked across the bridge that weekend, and no one else now will be able to do it. It was pretty cool. I got some pretty awesome pictures of AJ too.

Back to college - And Homework.

Aaaaand back to Chaos. My life is chaos, I work 3 days, college 5, homework, volunteering, the blog *cries* I am back at college doing more highers. Even more highers. By the end of this year I will have the equivalent of 11. But hopefully I will then have the right ones to get into university to do Midwifery *fingers crossed they want me* This year I am doing English, Human Biology and Sociology. FUN. Oh and also this jumper is Evil, it retains water so takes a solid week to dry. So sad - cause its so cosy! Lipstick is Maybelline Devine Wine.


The Return of the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte

I LOVE YOU PSLs. I love your starbucks. Seriously though I had forgotten how flipping incredible these are, what have I been doing with my life the past 10 months without you. I even hit Starbucks Gold level this month too - which is somewhat cool and somewhat scary when I think how much money I have spent on coffee. Maybe need to curb that! 

What have you all been up to this month? Happy to see Autumn and PSLs? :) Let me know in the comments below 


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