Summer Empties

That moment when you take all the photos for a blog post, think how productive you are being, then realise you now need to write about every single one *AAAAAAAAH. So here is the past 3 months worth of empty products and their mini reviews I hope you enjoy! :) 

The Skincare 

I have been using this wash for years. My gran used to buy me it when I was a teenager, I'm glad I have finished it now, I have way more to use up, and hopefully something a bit better too. 

I have loved using this, I am SO gutted it is done. I used this twice a week in the shower, and it just made my skin feel so soft and clean after. I love the fresh scent too - I am seriously tempted to repurchase this one! 

Lush Snow Fairy Body Conditioner (Limited Edition - Back again soon) 
Oh hail Snow Fairy. This is better than the body wash in my opinion, it will have you smelling like a snow fairy for DAYS! SO nice! 

I really loved these wipes, they are vegan too which is fab! The scent of them was so fresh, and really lovely to use, a little gutted they are finished now! 

I LOVE these for removing swatches. Those of you who do lots of swatches, or just like wearing liquid lipsticks or waterproof liners, this removes it with one swipe, well worth picking up if you are looking to try something different. 

The lovely Angela from BeautyByTheBunny sent me this, I have been obsessed with it. To the point I am going to have to get more of them. They are SO good. I love how they are so mess free, completely dry, yet somehow magically works. Game changer! 

The Shower Essentials 

This was bought in the sale a few months back, and I must admit I did like the smell, but it wasn't as smelly as I wanted it to be, I wanted it to be stronger - especially for the price!

NEXT Summer Sun Cooling Body Wash (£12.00 with 100ml of Perfume)
This is SUCH a good set, highly recommend for summer, it just smells like summer, its incredible. The body wash is all gone, but 100ml of perfume will take a while to use up, so good for the price! Will definitely be buying it next year if it comes back!

OMG I am so obsessed with the smell of this, it is flipping incredible. I need to go get another one.

Without a doubt the most boring item here, but girl shaving foam for some reason breaks me out, but boys doesn't. No idea why - but meh - needed.

Hair.... and Deodorant? 

I think deodorant is about the only thing I am actually brand loyal to anymore. Mitchum is BOSS at keeping away sweaty pits. I think the yellow one is my favourite now though! 

Totally not brand loyal here, I buy what is on offer, because hair stuff just doesn't excite me for some reason. *cries* It was ok, would buy if it was on offer again :) 

AJ's addition to this Empties. I wish I could use this all the time it smells amazing! 

Herbal Essences Honey Detangling Leave In Conditioner (Discontinued) 
I was so sad to see I cannot find this anywhere anymore. This one lasted me for ages, and just meant controlling my wild wet tangled hair was WAY easier after using it. I've had to replace it with kids pear detangler... fun lol 

The Makeup 

I love this mascara, this is the cheaper one I always go back to, such an unsung hero, and definitely should be more hyped. 

I cry just thinking how expensive this was, and I didn't LOVE it. It was nice, but nothing amazing. I am a nightmare for pulling my mascara off with my nails when I get tired, and this one makes me pull my lashes out too, which is NEVER good. 

To begin with I was completely obsessed with this foundation, and it is still incredible, but since the Lancome Idole Ultra Wear it has taken a back seat. So I will probably repurchase in future - but not yet. 

This is SO good for £2.50! it just sucks that Essence isn't sold in stores near me anymore :( 

I loved this last year - but I find it just a bit too thick now. It is king of blurring primers, and it really is incredible for that - but I prefer something a bit more hydrating now. :)

I really liked the wand on this and the finish, but it wasn't anything to write home about,  I would sooner go for the lash sensational from Maybelline over this (Sorry Loreal!) 

The Candles and Melts 

I definitely haven't been burning as much as I usually would. Summer I always end up burning less though - but now autumn has kicked in I am back going through them like nothing else, so this is a rare sight, seeing me burning hardly any - times have changed already.

What have you used up this month? Have you tried any of these? Let me know in the comments below 

 *These items were sent to me for review, but has in no way altered my opinion on them, and all words are my own, unless stated otherwise (usually in quotes!) 

Links used may be affiliated, cause Erin gotta fund her makeup obsession! This doesn't effect at all what I promote, it simply means if you choose to purchase through the link, I get a small thank you from the retailer for sending you their way. This won't cost you any more money, and won't affect your shopping experience, and if you are not comfortable with this, just google the item instead :)

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