March Was Sh*t

This would typically be a monthly favourites post... 

I would usually post about all my favourite things throughout the month of March, but let's face it - this month was pretty crap. There is a global pandemic, people are dying, people are sick, we are all stuck inside our houses self-isolating and we can't get pasta. IT SUCKS - on every level. It feels so surreal to even have changed so much in a month. It's terrifying. 

This month we also lost my Grandad. Nothing to do with Corona - he had Acute Ischaemic Bowel, with Sepsis. It was very quick, very sudden - and utterly heartbreaking. I lost one of my favourite people, and I miss him beyond words. We did get to spend time with him before he died - which I will forever be grateful for. But still... shit. 

2020 is working out to be a pile of crap, and it doesn't seem to be improving anytime soon either. So I thought I should share with you the few things that have brought me some level of joy - despite the turd pile we are currently living in. 

First up, when I spent far too much money on a coffee machine I knew I would get my money back eventually - but never did I believe I would be entirely dependant on it for a nice caffeine fix. THANK GOODNESS FOR NESPRESSO. It's £3.30 for 10 pods, I use my own milk (Whatever milk you want) and I can add syrups etc. Every time I use it; I praise the coffee gods, and my fantastic impulse buying at the start of the year - because this has (without a doubt) been the best purchase of 2020. Cheers to LauraLou for her mad Instagram influencing SKILLS. 

worth every single penny

I've also been adding in Bailey's with every chance I have had. Probably a bad thing, but it brings me joy after a long day of doing nothing - and keeps me away from the wine. The new Red Velvet Cupcake is pretty incredible too - turning my coffee foam pink. Maybe i'm doing it to trick myself into thinking it's Christmas again - but either way, I'm happy. 

Please don't bulk buy - it's keeping me sane. 

I spent all of March out on placement - playing the anxiety game of will we be kept out on placement or not - will I get sick? Will AJ be off School? ANXIETY. Fml. Ending the month with AJ being off school and kept with his Dad in isolation while I finished my placement block for the last two weeks. So the last week was GRIM. My Grandad had died, my son was gone, my coffee shops were shut. Thank goodness for bread and Nutella availability. Because it pulled me through the last of my 12.5hr shifts and brought a smile to my face every time. Sure it's AJ's. Sure I should be dieting. Sure I have about 4 serving sizes per slice - but not a single f*ck was given, it was incredible. 

Just get the big tub, you'll use it all. 

This photo was taken at the start of March (by the end of march my uniform was bagged). But I will be the first to admit that my Crocs are now a firm saviour. Their ability to be machine washed, sterilised, cleaned and dried super quick is essential with the current situation. My Crocs have never been so loved. I wear the professional ones (no holes on the top); they are comfy, washable and wipeable throughout the shift. One of my best Healthcare purchases.  

They are ugly yet practical

So yeah, the Month has been pretty crap as months go - but seeing the NHS appreciated, the country self-isolating (as they should be) and the key workers being celebrated is truly incredible. Have you had any highlights this month? Let me know. 



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