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My love for Sims isn't new. I've played since age 10... back when it was just sims - at it's basic but incredible starting point. From there I upgraded to Sims 2, and fell even more in love with the game - I would spend HOURS playing with my best friend. I was forever chasing the Green alien Sims from Sims 2 onwards. Sims 3 was my favourite gameplay - it had everything I had ever wanted as a game - and I will be the first to admit that Sims 4 is disappointing in some aspects in comparison... but let's be fair - it's still the best game out there (in my opinion anyway)

So, I thought I would take through the highlights of the game to me and the expansion packs you should get your hands on. Considering I play it every chance I get - and it just so happens in quarantine we have a lot of chances! 

I should note I play The Sims 4 on a MacBook with ZERO issues! :)

Jett and Rockett, my twins - as seen on Instagram (a lot) 

You NEED... 

The Base Game: Sims 4 (Currently on sale for £11.24 Typically £44.99)
By itself, it is playable and fun - but the minute you start adding expansions it just makes it so much more fun to play around with! You can still have babies, toddlers, die, get a job, build houses - but it has no added features above and beyond the basic game. 

Sims 4: Seasons (Currently on sale for £17.49 Typically £34.99) 
Without a doubt, the best add on for the game. Not only do we get snow, rain, thunder, sunshine - we also get countless furniture items, clothing... oh and SANTA. Sims have Winterfest (which you can decorate your home for!) They have love day, new year, thanksgiving and various other sim holidays - you can also make your own holidays. Complete with goals to achieve, decorations, social cues and days off work! I enjoy Sims 4 Seasons so much - definitely my favourite pack to add on. 

For Aliens... 

Sims 4: Get To Work (Currently on sale for £17.49 Typically £34.99) 
I know a lot of people who love the feature of following your Sim to work - I was never overly fussed by this - although it is a nice feature. The reason why I really wanted this one - and purchased it - was to get the alien abductions and alien sims. LOVE a pregnant man which spawns a green/blue child. Worth every penny for this gameplay! 

The Okay Expansions... 

Sims 4: Discover University (Currently on sale for £17.49 Typically £34.99) 
This is a HARD expansion. Getting good grades while keeping a sim alive is difficult. But you jump right up the career ladder - so worth the effort if you are willing to make it... I find myself using this occasionally - but it definitely isn't the best expansion ever. BUT, you do have the ability to add in roommates with this expansion - roommates which you aren't playing - which is SO much fun. 

Sims 4: Cats and Dogs (Currently on sale for £17.49 Typically £34.99) 
Pets are very needy in gameplay - and will run away if you don't shower them with attention - if you have a toddler about, or at university - the pet can prove to be difficult to keep happy. But saying that - they are very cute so worthy of the effort if you are willing to. I typically have a pet in my household - so I do suppose I use this expansion a fair bit - I just wish there were more pets available like in Sims 3. 

Not Worth it... 

Sims 4: Get Famous (Currently on sale for £17.49 Typically £34.99) 
I find this expansion the least used and the least fun. I find it far too much effort for what it's worth - even if you can become a YouTuber - I just find it all a bit too much hassle for using it all the time. I hardly use the feature - and probably shouldn't have bothered with it... 

I don't have... 
Get Together (I want this one!)
Island Living 
City Living 

Game Packs (Currently £13.49 Usually £17.99)
These add on additional gameplay and items but not as much as an expansion pack would. They are mini-expansion packs. I don't actually have any of these - but from all of them the only one I have fully considered is Parenthood - it looks fun!

Parenthood (I want this one!)
Realm of Magic 
Jungle Adventures 
Spa Day 
Dine Out 
Outdoor Retreat 

& Stuff Packs (£9.99)
These add on "stuff", outfits, build items and furniture - which comes alongside some added features - but they are mostly "stuff". I have my eye on a few of these, which I will pick up if they become cheaper in price, but mostly they don't add much to overall gameplay! 

Movie Hangout (I want this one!)
Bowling Night 
Vintage Glamour 
Tiny Living 
Kids Room (I want this one!)
Cool Kitchen 
Perfect Patio 
Luxury Party 
Laundry - Have this. 
Romantic Garden 
My First Pet 

So yeah - overall I still LOVE wasting hours of my time playing sims. Without a doubt my favourite way of using my Quarantine time. I highly recommend jumping on the Sims bandwagon - and please do let me know how you get on! Remember, Sims 4 will run on a laptop/desktop and a Mac/MacBook! ... oh and when in money troubles, motherlode ;). 

now, back to my Sim children - both Green and Blue. 


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