February Best Bits & Catch Up

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Okay, This is REALLY late. 

February seemed to take forever, yet seemed to zoom past in the slow blink of a mentally exhausted student. Just like that, a whole month has passed. My exam was over and done - I passed YAY! And I went back to the world of placement hours. So I thought I would share with you everything I have been loving the past month... even if I have been part zombie for most of it! 

I've loved using this one where I can this month - it really is beautiful! Such a stunning palette. The colours are so simple and beautiful to use - work together seamlessly too. Perfect for when you aren't up for thinking about it - an everyday palette! 

I have been loving using this nightly after long shifts. My under eyes are looking pretty worse for wear with the 12.5hr shifts - so it's nice to have something to somewhat prevent and aid my eye bags. Even better when I use it with a Jade Roller!

I just love this. Super hydrating - and smells and feels incredible. I have been reaching for this to soothe my dry skin over the colder months. I find this easier to use than the sleep mask - definitely better for more frequent use. I can't see this lasting long! 

I picked this up as part of the Lydia E. Millen box. I must admit I have been putting off using it due to fear of loving it then needing to actually pay full price for it.... but I will admit I do love it - a lot. It just makes you look HEALTHY. Glowy. A good thing when I'm exhausted. 

5. IOLLA Smith's £65.00 
Finding the right pair of glasses can be a nightmare! I have tried so many different styles and brands - and I can confidently say the Iolla Smith's are my favourite by far. I love the weight, style, fit and price of them most. So I decided to get myself another pair since my Rust Fade have become rather old. I opted for the Walnut Tortoise and I couldn't be happier with them. SO CUTE. 

They are SO cute, and I am so happy I got my hands on them. I have worn them constantly since I bought them - well every chance I've had without having my uniform on! 

7. Oversized Primark Jumpers £10.00? 
So good I bought it twice. Black and Grey. Zips on the side... I feel like we all have one, but wow are they comfortable and cute. SO perfect for the trip into placement and home again - cosy and comfy. They still have them in stock too, so grab them while you can! 

I now own four... on my quest to become WIRE FREEEEE. Seriously they are so comfy and so supportive. I can wear them a full 12.5hr shift and not notice (or pull up a strap) once. They are designed and made in Scotland - they are also ethically made and promote body positivity. The designs are cute AF too. I now own the 2019 Christmas, Mix, White and Dino. Space is on my hit list next! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! (Even got my Mum wearing them!)

 9. My Pilea Peperomioides
I'm so chuffed I managed to keep them alive over winter - and they seem to be reawakening now it's March. They are producing new leaves - and just looking incredible. Highly recommend getting one, they are straightforward to care for and they look beautiful! 

10. Picard (Amazon Prime)
I do love a new TV show to watch - and this one is SO good. I've been loving the old school vibes with new production value. VERY impressed - cannot wait for more. 

What have you been loving this month?


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