Magnitone Wipe Out Microfibre Cleansing Cloths Bamboo & Original*

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My favourite skincare tool...

Now, I already love these. I have been talking about them on my blog for almost two years now - and for good reason too - they are incredible. My favourite up until this point has been the antibacterial ones - but with the launch of their Bamboo SuperNatural option, I was desperate to try them out. 

For both, the shape and size are perfect for use. They are rectangular, long enough for two hands to use on your face at once - it's hard to explain, but trust me when I say this - they work beautifully. They are also super easy to wash and clean - I simply pop them into the wash after use. 

Although I really wouldn't ever use or be able to recommend using them with only water (like they claim) - I love using them with a cleanser. It's not that I doubt the claim, I just feel a cleanser alongside is the ideal situation. It will have your makeup off in no time. They just make removing your makeup a pleasure, they feel soft, hold warmth, and work perfectly. 

My feelings are: when you are using an expensive, good quality cleanser to care for your face - why would you then opt for a face cloth which can potentially damage your skin? Opt for something high quality, soft and ultimately - beneficial to your skincare routine - which these are. A worthwhile investment. 

I've already recommended these countless times, and I doubt I will be stopping anytime soon. They really are the best cloth available (in my opinion).

"The Amazing MicroFibre Cleansing Cloth that will remove even the toughest, long-wear and oil-based makeup, with JUST WARM WATER! And now made from 100% Bamboo, meaning it’s all-natural, eco friendly and plastic-free!

Unlike traditional wipes or face cloths, WipeOut! microfibres swell up when wet, grabbing hold of makeup particles and trapping them in the cloth, meaning makeup is removed, smear-free."

The WipeOut! SuperNatural 100% Bamboo Cleansing Cloth (£20.00 - 2 pack) are the newest to the range. Designed for those of us keen to use more natural products and reduce environmental impact. They are the same shape and size as the original - but in speckled grey. The feel is different - but not in a negative way. I have loved trying out their newest launch and can see me using them as much as my beloved pink ones. 

The WipeOut! Antibacterial Cleansing Cloth (£20.00 - 3 pack) is forever my go-to. To me, there is no competition between the two - just preference on which you would prefer from a natural vs microfibre perspective. Both will have your skin feeling it's best and cleanest yet. Both will have your environmental impact reduced due too - and will forever be better than makeup wipes (ICK!). 

Have you tried these yet? Which one would you opt for? Let me know in the comments. 


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