Best & Worst TV Show Endings (Goodbye GoT)

The Best Vs The Worst

With the end of two favourite shows this week (Big Bang Theory and Game of Thrones) I thought I would share with you shows which have left me in tears - either for good or bad reasons.  Game of Thrones to me was a complete anti-climax. Not bad, not good... just "Meh", rushed almost, just not done overly well... and so many questions left unanswered. It's left me feeling completely deflated since I watched it... is that it?! Seems so. (Until they release 10+ spin-offs). I don't think it fits into their catagory.. which was shocking to me at least. 

The ending of the big TV shows I have been invested in always gives me the fear. The fear of thinking they could ruin it all in an episode - which has been known to happen... so I thought I would go through my best and worst... 

T H E   B E S T 

Big Bang Theory 
Ended this week... and wow did they nail it. It was completely predictable.. but completely perfect to the characters and their story. It was very clear the writers, cast, producers, everyone.. loved the show as much as we all did - and wanted to end it well. I couldn't have asked for a better ending. I cried pretty much the whole way through. Worth the hundreds of hours I spent rewatching this over and over (and I won't be stopping anytime soon either). 

This one had me riddled with fear over how they were gonna end it. I mean there was a high chance someone big was going to die... but they did it well, they ended it beautifully. I LOVED Bones, (My Angel/David Boreanaz obsession had me watching from the very beginning) and they clearly wanted to end it well - give us all closure. 

If you don't know "I got off the plane" You REALLY need to rethink your life choices and watch Friends. Seriously it's been 15 years since the end of Friends and I STILL sob my heart out at the last episode. It will forever be iconic to me, and to a lot of people. This is how to end a show well. I feel like it should be the template on how it should be done.  

T H E   W O R S T 

14 year old me is still butthurt from the end of this. WHAT THE ACTUAL. I feel like I still need closure from this, what the hell happened. I felt like it was going well then BAM, it ended. And I loved Angel, I loved him so much (seriously it was weird), but this broke me. I still want to know what happened. It just cut off.... no one knows who is alive - if any of them. ARGH. 

What. The. Fuck. 
Seriously. It made no sense what so ever. 

How I Met Your Mother 
This one makes my blood boil. I hated Ted, loved Barney. Thought Ted was a jerk. The whole last season of this one can go to hell, I loved the show until the end - now I won't watch it at all. TERRIBLE. They ruined it, completely. 

I don't think Game of Thrones fitted into either best or worst - just a "Meh" - no emotions on it. Did you watch it? What were your thoughts? Which shows were your best/worst? 


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