May Favourites 2019

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It's the end of May, No idea how, but it's happened. 

I didn't think anything would be able to beat the Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear now, but this one is definitely at least on par now - I love it. So much I wore it to a wedding, and that is the ultimate tell for me. 

This is my best glow, without looking too sweaty look for when I am not wearing foundation or a full face of makeup. I love how easily it blends in with just fingers. Love this, doesn't get enough hype in my opinion! 

3. Clinique Chubby Stick Intense Moisturising Lip Colour "Curviest Caramel" £18.50
This is my placement lip shade. I love it on. So pretty without foundation - lasts for ages, and doesn't dry out or look odd when it wears off. So easy to apply too. It's pretty much the only lip shade I have been wearing. 

4. CYO All Cried Out Waterproof Mascara £6.00
This was an emergency purchase after my non-waterproof mascara was ending up down my face thanks to the heat in the hospital. Luckily this is pretty flipping good. I'm loving how long it lasts. It has me interested to try out more waterproof mascara. 

I have been using this to set my face. It is without a doubt the best one - and the only one I trust to help with the 12.5hr shifts. It has reached holy grail status for a very worthwhile reason - I love it. 

6. Flame Tree Cafe Bagels
Sure, them being colourful does not add to the taste, but them being colourful just makes them so much better. They taste fab, even the lattes are coloured. LOVE it. 

7. M&S Long Clawson Stilton Dressing £1.50
How to make me like Salad? Pour calorific dressing all over it. WINNER. It tastes incredible too. Very highly recommend, it's heaven in a bottle. 

If I could only ever wear one thing again I would probably pick these. They are SO comfy. Sure, I look like a chubby, oversized toddler - but I don't care. 

9. Getting an A and Being Back on Placement 
I have been SO stressed out over the two essays due, so it was such a relief to see I had passed the first one. Especially just in time for going back out onto placement. I had missed placement, I hadn't missed feeling this tired... but I had missed the environment. 

10. The End of Big Bang Theory 
The end of an era. I have watched from the beginning (Thanks to Bridget from 8 Simple Rules being in it) so it is so odd for it to be over, but incredible. The end was perfect, just what we all needed (especially after GoT, which we won't talk about lol). 

What have you loved this month?  


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