Introducing Colour To Your Living Room

A tip from a big colour fan. 

Who doesn't love Mrs Hinch? I love watching her clean her house to perfection. Her home is beautiful, all white, grey and silver. It really is beautiful... but it isn't me. At all. Now that everyone is moving away from the white look - I am seeing more and more people ask for colour home inspiration, so I thought I would share with you all how I incorporate colour into my home without it becoming *too* much... she says with a multicoloured cow and living room... but meh. lol 

Take inspiration from bits, you don't need to embrace it all - well unless you want to! 

W A L L    A R T

Here she is in all her glory. Meet Lizzie McCoo. She is a Steven Brown McCoo and she just adds so much personality to the space. She is the reason why my living room is multicoloured, I love the statement it has. I also have Scottish Autumn on my shelves too, which is equally beautiful and colourful - especially in the yellow frame. When it comes to personal pictures, I always opt for brighter, fun pictures. I especially love the underwater shot. 

F R A M E S    &   C A N D L E S 

When your pictures aren't colourful, why not use a coloured frame? I love a bold frame with a print inside, it just adds a little something to a gallery wall - and ties in with the brighter prints. For candles, TK Maxx is heaven for finding incredible scents with cool packaging. Candle holders are always a winner for me too - I have these quirky little houses from Christmas Markets - they are so cute! 

P L A N T S   &   P O T S

Everyone knows I am slightly obsessed with real plants at the moment - to the point mine have all outgrown their cute little pots - but I love repotting them into beautiful pieces like this green one - it's stunning - and is such a pretty statement. Take pride in your plants, care for them and re-pot them - it's so rewarding. 

I also have fake plants on my shelves - mainly due to the lack of light hitting that spot. I personally love the Ikea fake plants (especially the ivy) - they seem to be a good mix of looking good and for a good price. They fit perfectly on their picture shelves too! 

 C U S H I O N S   &    R U G S

Just because you are opting for colour, doesn't mean you need to change your walls, couch or big items. Opting for cushions in a bright colour is the perfect pop of colour (Mine are all from TK Maxx). I love my multicoloured rug too - its such a statement piece, it's incredible.

B O O K S   &   D V D S 

I would say I don't buy books for the covers... but I do. They can add something so cute to a space, even better when you plan on reading them too. I've also put my DVDs into a rainbow on my shelves - which is a pinterest win. I think everyone needs to do this now.

Pretty much everything in my living room is from TK Maxx, I love my lamp especially - SO CUTE! Because they are from TK Maxx/Homesence I cannot link them - but I highly recommend checking them out if you are looking for some colour inspiration. The highlight of having a colourful home, if you love something you can buy it - no need to worry about it not working in a space due to colour scheme - step outside the grey bubble and embrace some colour into your life! 

Is your home colourful? Or do you prefer a Grey home too? 


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