August Favourites & Blog Update

A Quick Update...

For the first time in a very long time, I didn't post a Skincare Saviours or a Favourites post on time, I know - TERRIBLE BLOGGER. But life has definitely happened this month - so much that the blog has definitely taken a backseat. Which seems to be a regular occurrence nowadays. So I thought I would take the time to write up a blog post to discuss the things I have loved. Talk through my plans for the blog, and just squeal excitement over the fact that it is now autumn (almost) and I plan on being full of PSLs until November.

A J ' s   8 T H   B I R T H D A Y
It seems odd to even think that AJ is now 8. I am very proud of the little man he is becoming, but in the same breath completely terrified of how quickly it is all going and how he is halfway to becoming an adult. GAH. Good thing he is still small enough to want to cuddle me because I've spent this weekend sulking about how big he is getting! For his birthday he went to the Dundee United Vs Dundee FC Derby. He was the mascot, so got to walk the players onto the pitch, he was VERY excited. We also had pizza, ice cream, played at the beach and watched Harry Potter. It was a very good birthday.

I   ♥   H O U S E   P L A N T S
I will admit I am a tad obsessed. When I say a tad, I mean a lot. I have far too many. If I'm not buying a plant, I'm buying a pot to put it in. Queen of all my house plants is the Pilea Peperomioides (My Chinese Money Plant) - it's perfect and brings me a weird amount of joy. I also have countless other plants all over my house, expect a post soon, because I want an excuse to talk about them some more - and take photos of them all. 

I   ♥   A U T U M N 
Okay, I know it's still Summer. But I am an Autumn lover, without a doubt, it is my favourite season. Those 23 days until the official start of Autumn means nothing to me. So it needs to be an excuse to start the season early because I want a full extra month of it. The minute it hits September I'm expecting Starbucks Pumpkin Spiced Lattes and those stunning Autumn colours. I know a lot of people hate the Autumn bandwagon - but I couldn't care less. It is typically my happiest time of year... and I cannot wait for scarves, jumpers, boots and the LEAVES (And all the Lattes). 

A N   I N S T A G R A M   C H A N G E
Have you noticed my Instagram has moved away from the perfectly perfect shots? I just couldn't be bothered with it anymore. It was pointless - no one was seeing them, and they bring me no joy in posting them. So I changed it. Goodbye, perfect shots... hello... whatever it is I am doing now? Mostly just me in my PJ's. My reality. 

M A K E U P   &   S K I N C A R E
I have barely used any makeup this month, and my skincare routine has NOT been the best. I need to work on this ASAP. I miss it. I feel like I have lost myself a little bit over the past few months, and I hope to change that this month because I miss the joy in makeup and skincare. So if you have any suggestions to bring back my love of it all, I would love to know. I miss the creativity of it! 

T H E   B L O G   F U T U R E 
I want to be passionate about the content again, I want people to read the content again... mwahaha. That would be the ideal, but a huge thank you to anyone who is still here, reading my rambings. But I do hope to improve everything soon, once I find myself again.


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