5 Autumn Lipstick Shades I'm Excited To Wear!

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I really love this time of year...

Does anyone else get excited to wear those deep berry shades at this time of year? There is something so autumnal about a deep berry lip with a pumpkin spice latte. (Yes, that is my idea of HEAVEN). So, after swatching all of my lipsticks last week - I thought I would share with you the lipsticks I am most excited to wear over the next few months. 

This is definitely the most purple of the bunch, and the one I shockingly probably wear the least (I need to change this ASAP) but the colour and formula is beautiful - I have no idea why I don't reach for it more because it really is lovely. 

Dior "772" £30.00 
is my wildcard. My *can not live without* shade. My perfect deep rose shade, which gives me ALL the feels. It's the shade I recommend all the time - and I am yet to find even anything which is the same shade - it's beautiful, I love it especially much at this time of the year, that little bit deeper than your typical nude lip! 

I seemed to reach for this one the most last year - it is just such a beautiful shade. A raspberry red which just looks *amazing* on.  (I am wearing this one in my profile picture). This is the one I feel looks best on me at this time of year,  without a doubt. 

This one I got in my Advent Calendar last year - and I haven't worn it much since. I found it too dark once the weather picked up. I'm making a point of wearing it lots this year though because it is just such a beautiful shade! Something totally different too. 

The non-matte take to the bold lip. This one is stunning, such a pretty raspberry shade which I have been waiting for this time of year to wear. SO nice. Such a beautiful formula too - I love this whole range!

What lipstick do you love at this time of year? I would love to know! Let me know in the comments! 


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