BLOGMAS: Teen Christmas Gift Guide 2016

Beginner Gift Guide

Teens I think are a dream to buy for, especially when it comes to makeup... so here is my top picks for the bits I would pick to give to a newbie to makeup, the bits that maybe they haven't gotten themselves yet or are on their wishlist already. 

Yeah who doesn't want these?? Not only are they beautiful, they are really stunning brushes too... for the price you get every brush you would need for doing any make up look. functional and stunning. I don't know anyone who wouldn't thank you for these. 

Beginner Gift Guide

I am yet to come across a teen that doesn't know who Jeffree Star is, I know my cousin squealed in delight when she opened hers for her birthday, they are just something a bit different, something you cannot buy from Boots or Debenhams... I must admit though I have gone off him as a person now :( 

I know how incredible right? But seriously.... finding a match is hell as a beginner, and even worse in a drugstore.. why not offer to take them into Estee Lauder and find them a correct match, learn their undertones? Then they won't have to face the tide lines of 2000s. 

Something that is last on a teens mind as they get into makeup, why not introduce them to your favourites? I would recommend a Luna play, simply because it can be used with any face wash they have... but can declog their pores with little effort... and as a teen, that tends to be the issue! 

So I have a post coming up with shows ALL of the naked palettes... but this would be my top pick for a beginner at school... simply because it can be a lot more subtle than the others. The formula is beautiful as usual, but it just is simpler, and I love it. This would be my top pick for no makeup makeup. 

Beginner Gift Guide

6. When in Doubt: Get a Giftcard £0-£100 Haul Post Here
Nothing better than going into Debenhams and getting to buy whatever your hearts desire in the beauty hall, me and my baby cuz (who is 19 now) get one every year from our Gran, best bit of Christmas is going shopping and spending them... you can see what I got with mine last year using the link above :)

So do you have to buy for a teen this year? What are you going for? Let me know in the comments below :)

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  1. I really like the idea of perfect match foundation. I think this one would be the best present for me back at the time. I remember my dark times when I struggled with the shades.

    Michelle Morchella

  2. Lovely list! I would absolutely love to have the naked palette gifted to me! x


  3. Such a good list, debenhams and john lewis cards are invariable used for fancy foundations i can order online once i make a pilgrimage to Glasgow to get colour matched in all the big brands - currently using armani's luminous silk foundation bought with a john lewis card from last christmas!

    Oh, and now I want Naked 3...thanks! haha

  4. Wonderful Post. I definitely love gift cards, not only can you get exactly what you want but you also get the fun of shopping.


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