BLOGMAS: To Me, Love Me: How to Treat Yourself This Christmas

Free makeup, points, tesco, boots

One of the big perks of spending money on other people, is how quickly points will begin to add up on your loyalty cards.

Here are my top picks for which ones to go for - and the items I have bought using points alone! - Who doesn't love freebies? :)

Free makeup, points, tesco, boots

1. Tesco Clubcard - 1 point for every £1 spent. (lots of point incentives) 1point =1p
Tesco Clubcard will always come up trumps for me, they build up so quickly just buying your weekly shop, fuel and gifts - then you can exchanged them for 3-4x the value. 
This year I decided to exchange mine for goldsmiths vouchers. I exchanged £40 in vouchers for £120 in goldsmiths rewards, which means I walked out with this Olivia Burton Chrono Detail Tan & Rose Gold Watch for £15.... the options are endless in Goldsmiths, and was a fab treat for just doing my weekly shop. 

2. SpaceNK N.Dulge - £5 for every £100 spend 
SpaceNK's loyalty scheme is called N.Dulge. Not the most common one out there but worth signing up for, especially due to everything they sell being luxe, so the £5 is in your account quicker than you would care to admit.
My top pick from them would be the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in "Mood Exposure" It's a pricey item, but well worth it's cost - and with help from the points it won't feel so bad! I'm so happy I used mine for this, love it.

3. Debenhams Beauty Club - 3 points for every £1 spend, 500 points = £5
As much as I would deny it - this is probably the one I use the most (except Tesco) I just find with the points incentives on all the time - and my obsession for spending money in there.... they money very quickly adds up on the account.
My top pick at the moment would be to go for something luxe, I am loving the YSL Blur Primer, the packaging and look of this is stunning, and I love how it works too!

4. Superdrug Beauty Card1 point for every £1 spent. (lots of point incentives) 1point =1p
This one is actually pretty pants in comparison to the Debenhams and boots one... BUT if you have UniDays, you get 10% off.... so this needs to be taken into consideration too. Either way if you are spending money in Superdrug make sure to use your card! 
My top pick from Superdrug is always The Balm Mary Loumanizer... I am still shocked that they sell the balm in superdrug, but hey I am happy with that! Mary Lou is incredible! 

Free makeup, points, tesco, boots

5. Boots Advantage Card - 4 point for every £1 spent. (lots of point incentives) 1point =1p
Boots loyalty scheme is definitely the most rewarding.. BUT, they do have a serious downside where they will not allow you to use your points against a spend, it must cover the full cost of your purchase, which can be pretty annoying! 
My top pick tends to be something you wouldn't buy for yourself... so Chanel usually! I love the Chanel Le Blush Creme in "Affinite" 

6. Starbucks & Costa - Points & Stars per order
With all the festivities going on, the Christmas cups and the endless supplies of festive coffees make sure to use your loyalty apps for your coffee purchases, because they all add up too!

Which loyalty scheme have you used the most this Christmas time? Have you used your points recently? Let me know in the comments below! :) 

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  1. For the past two Christmas' I've used Clubcard points to part-pay for Xbox games for my other half and it seriously knocks the price down (new releases are anywhere from £30 to £50!) so I never spend them during the year, only at Christmas time. RBS rewards are also great for cinema tickets - if you have an account with them, they do all the hard work and give you money back from spends to put in your account, donate to charity or cash in for vouchers. £10 will give you two cinema tickets so its also way cheaper than a usual cinema date! You're so right with the silly Boots part-pay rules but reminded me I haven't bought anything with mine in months - a Chanel purchase sounds right up my street!

  2. I love the boots loyalty card, I always try wait until I have loads of points cause it is annoying that your points have to cover your entire spend !!


  3. I love the boots card, I've been saving up points for ages and I think I have about a tenner's worth now! I'm definitely going to get the chanel beauty powder with the points as my christmas present to myself this year!

  4. So many great loyalty cards and programs! Since I live in the US I don't have access to any of these except Starbucks, but there are some similar ones. I never thought of these programs while holiday shopping but now I will. Thanks! :)

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  5. I love my Boots and Costa cards!Saving the points up to treat yourself is the best feeling in the world when you go to the counter and don't have to pay for anything.

  6. My superdrug points have been building up lately, I only shop with them more because I end up on their site at 2am and end up emptying my bank account. Not so great for my bank account but great for the points [...not quite sure that's how it works...]. I'll definitely be looking into the Space NK one though!! Didn't even know they had one!! Thanks for the tips x

    Jamie-Leigh x x


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