BLOGMAS: How To Make Your House Smell Amazing (For Less than £5)

Blogmas Cheap Christmas Candles

I think I have read and seen one too many candle videos/posts which feature a certain £210 candle from Diptique  sure it is beautiful, and would I accept it as a gift? Hell yes... would I walk into a spaceNK and fork over £210..... no. Why? I am poor and I cannot spend £210 on something I am literally going to set on fire. I was tempted by the smaller cute jars like the green Le Roi Sapin one... but again common sense over ruled and told me no, you do not want to spend £48 on a candle Erin, it's just not going to happen. Plus I burn them ALL the time. I would be bankrupt within a month if I needed luxury candles. So here are my top picks this Christmas, all coming in at under £5, and will have your house smelling like you spent £210 - just remember to hide the packaging.

Blogmas Cheap Christmas Candles

B&M £1.99
I don't know what you call this size of candle - I call them "last a few days" but these are fab. Smell incredible and are a bargain price of £1.99 for 4, yup 4.

Blogmas Cheap Christmas Candles

Home Bargains Gingerbread Candle £2.99
There are no words to describe how good these are. SO GOOD. These will cost £3 and last you the whole of December, fill your house with a warm gingerbread baking scent that will  have you questioning "was this really £3???" Yes it was. *bulk buys more to keep the scent til next year* I have finished one of these already, and I have another two sitting waiting. Well worth a trip to home bargains for!

Blogmas Cheap Christmas Candles

Yankee Candle Home Inspiration Candy Cane Forrest & Holiday Magic £3.00 Each (Tesco)
These ones actually come in candle from too, but I just love melts at the moment. These ones actually beat the original Yankee Candle Tart shapes melts, these just give off a much better, long lasting smell - and are cheaper too! The candy cane is the perfect minty cool scent, but the winner for me is the Holiday Magic... it just smells like Christmas. Think of the smell when you walk into Dobbies - that is what this smells like - Amaaazing. You need this one!

Glade Gingerbread £1.00 (Home Bargains)
I just want my life to smell like gingerbread houses right now, and this just makes it a reality. Who can resist a gingerbread scent this time of year.

Airpure Home Baking £0.89 (Home Bargains)
I know, I shop in home bargains too much - but it is just so good for items like this. These melts are so nice, so creamy and melt beautifully. This just smells like you have just made a cake, great for if you want to trick your friends by buying Aldi bakery items and let them think you made them... ;)

Air Wick Shanandoah £1.00 (B&M)
just an appley cinamonny scent which just screams this time of the year. Perfect if you have just had enough of the Gingerbread scents (not that I ever would but still)

Blogmas Cheap Christmas Candles

So there is my top picks for this year, let me know which candles you are loving at the moment? Have you splashed out? Or are you a lover of Home Bargains like me? Let me know in the comments below :)

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  1. I have been burning so many candles recently but I buy all my candles from Winners (equivalent to TK Maxx)! I have never tried melts though but I know many are huge fans of it.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  2. They all sound amazing, I must locate a Home Bargains immediately! X

  3. They all sound amazing, I must locate a Home Bargains immediately! X

  4. They all sound amazing, I must locate a Home Bargains immediately! X

  5. Candles are so expensive these days, especially the top of the range ones that everyone insists you just need to own... I always opt for cheap ones like the ones you find in B&M and the pound shop! My local clintons has all of the candles they stock at ridiculously cheap prices in the run up to christmas, though, a brand similar to Yankee and they're Yankee range is must cheaper than usual at the minute! Another place you wouldn't think to grab candles? Homebase! They do loads of great scents, even christmassy and wintry ones and they're all under a tenner!

    You've convinced me to try melts though, these all sound lovely!

    Em | beautyandbullshitt x

  6. Who doesn't want their house to smell absolutely amazing!? Great post :)
    Kathy x

  7. I love burning candles and I don't intend to spend that much on a candle when I'd find good ones for a fraction of the price. Ginderbread candle sounds good, I will check it out!

    Ela BellaWorld

  8. I've been burning the small £1 Yankee Candles (voltives? not sure what they're called) to see if I liked them and I bought a Candy Cane Forest for my boyfriend's flat and we were both so obsessed with the minty sweet smell i bought another for my flat! Not sure if its still on at the moment but I got a good medium sized jar for £7 in ASDA so head there for the discounted Christmas scents!

  9. I LOVE this post! Yes I love all the Christmas candles at the moment! I'm burning a cinnamon one and I love it! I might have to go get some of these now!

  10. Great post! Thank you Erin for showing cheaper but still great option. Sometimes I'm wondering how people can spend so much money on candles. It would literally ruined me. :D

    Michelle Morchella

  11. These all sound amazing! <3 I usually get candles from Bath and Body Works, but it's expensive to purchase the 3 wick candles! These are great alternatives. That Gingerbread candle looks like it would smell delicious :)

  12. The Home Bargain candles literally changed my life. They are even better than Yankee Candles to me, and for such a price! You could never find a better deal. I started burning one of their Warm Apple & Cinnamon candles in October, and I've had one of their candles burning in my room almost every day since then. I'm burning the Gingerbread candle at this exact moment actually, such a perfect Christmas scent! :D

    Julia x


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