December Favourites

December favourites are often forgotten about - with the 2016 favourites often taking priority, so I thought I would take the time to round up this months favourites, before I go into the full year :) So here are the things I have been loving this month! 

1. YSL Blur Primer £29.50
I have had this one since my birthday now, I have been wondering why my makeup has been sitting so nicely recently and this is why, yes it is a complete luxe item, but I love it - and can see myself repurchasing this one when it runs out! 

2.  MAC Mehr £15.50 Full Post & Swatches Here
Every time I wear this one I just cannot help but admire how beautiful it is, This is another one that suits everyone - beautiful. 

3. MAC Paint Pot "Soft Ochre" £16.00 Full Post & Swatches Here
I have been using this as an eyeshadow base and the occasional base for my nose when I am looking for a longer lasting finish. It is the perfect neutral base if you are pale like me :) 

4. Gerrard Cosmetics Slay All Day Peach £14.50 
This does a really good job of keeping your makeup on your face. Really cannot fault it as its purpose, but it's scent can be quite intense at times, it definitely isn't a natural peach scent. 

5. Next Nail Varnish "Rose Gold God" £4.00 
I love the finish of this on my nails, those of you who follow me on snapchat know my new obsession with this formula, I love it. And this shade is the most incredible finish. 

6. Hot Chocolate 
Just Hot chocolate in general, but the best ones has to be Whitards or Cadbury's - both are equally incredible - and their has to be mini marshmallows on the go to :) I love it. The king of them all though has to be the Black forrest hot chocolate in Costa, SO GOOD!

7. Candles Full Post Here
Scents in general are made for xmas time, my favourite has been the Home Bargains Gingerbread candle - which are now out of stock, and I am gutted! But I have also loved the Yankee Home inspirations.. see the full post for more! 

8. The Zara Hat & Scarf £20.00
Not pictured here but it is the one on my new profile picture, I love love love the colour, I have been wearing this non stop! 

9. The DCUK's 
The duck decorations have been all over my blog and instagram this year, and I love them. They are so cute! They have had constant compliments, and have been the star of this Blogmas. 

10. TV: Bones 
I have been rewatching bones this month - and I have been loving ever minute. I had forgotten how good it was! Plus they have David Boreanaz in them - and he has been my ultimate since Buffy. Beautiful man. 

What have you loved this month? Let me know in the comments below! :)

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  1. I am so keen on trying out that Gerad cosmetics setting spray and that YSL primer looks interesting.

  2. I really need a primer but have never warmed to the idea of them. However I am looking for something that will keep my make-up in place so I will have to look into this YSL one. Hope you've had a good Christmas.

    Sapna X

  3. MAC Mehr is such a beautiful shade! I can't justify buying it though, I already own a very similar shade from the same brand haha. I've loved candles this month too, I guess we tend to use them more in the winter! Cinnamon & apple candles are my favourite at this time of year.

    Julia x
    Last post: Merry Christmas To You ♥|

  4. I really need to try the Slay All Day Spray xx

  5. Great picks! You've got me wanting to try a few of these. Specifically the GC spray & the Rose Gold nail polish. It looks so pretty!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  6. I love Mehr - it's that perfect day-to-evening lip shade :) I just got Slay All Day in Peach too and really like it so far!

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  7. Mehr is very pretty, it's been on my MAC wishlist for a long time. I'm still trying to decide what to do with my next Back to MAC.

  8. Im such a fiend for a good setting spray i really want to try that slay all day i love that it comes in different colours


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