BLOGMAS: The Unrealistic Christmas Wish List

I loved this post idea, Adrienne from the Sunday Girl posted this on her blog last week, you can view it here and I loved it, who doesn't love dreaming of all the things we would dream to just be given, but wouldn't ask for - and probably wouldn't just go out and buy for ourselves..

I was going to do a post on a more realistic wishlist, then I realised its pretty boring, Primark PJ's socks, an electric toothbrush (ok I am a tad excited over that)... just the usual Christmas things you get as an adult... so here are the things I dream of instead... all of the things that I would be crying over, besides a house and a size 10 body, but we need to be realistic with our unrealistic goals ;)

1. Diptique Candle Le Roi Sapin 190g £48
I mentioned this one in my recent candle post, and I still stand by it now, the packaging and the smell of this candle is incredible, but it would be finished within about a week with me.... I just burn them too quickly. But this as a gift for me would be incredible. Love it.

2. Jo Malone Limited Edition Orange Bitters Christmas Candle £120
Same as above really. I seen this in Fleur's candle guide, and I loved the packaging - I was actually prepared to spend £50 on it - same price as the rest of their candles, my mouth fell open in horror though when I realised it's £120 price tag... it's just too much... but it's just so beautiful *sobs*

3. Butterfly Home by Matthew Williamson Multi-Coloured Geometric Print Throw £125
Every single time I walk into Debenhams I look at this, I really want it, but dang that price! This is one I hope to pick up in the Boxing Day sale... But even at half price it's expensive... why does life have to be so much? (and why am I not a millionaire?)

4. TOM FORD Lip Colour, Sable Smoke £39
*sigh* every single time I go to Glasgow I promise myself this, I have picked out my colour and everything... but every time I chicken out, or get distracted elsewhere... it is top of my luxury wish list (ask Adrienne I must comment it every time she posts about it or wish lists) - I just need to put money aside and buy it already!

5. Kiehls Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque £28
This is one of these products that I see people rave about - and I just need a push (and £28) to buy it. I really want to try it out.. but every time I end up just telling myself

6. Gucci GG Marmont Mini matelass√© leather crossbody bag  £585
So maybe I have been watching too much Sophie Shohet (YouTuber Here) but I am dreaming of luxe bags at the moment, which is ridiculous because I am currently rocking a £4 Primark bag - but still, I would really love one... It would never be something I would buy for myself - because I simply do not have £500-£5000 to spend on a handbag. But as a gift - this one would be incredible. And I know - the colour is loud and horrible, but yellow is just me.. and I love it. I know Sophie recommends choosing something hardwearing, longlasting, value retaining, - and this one is none of these things but sometimes you need to just splurge because you *love* it, and this would be my pick! (although a Chanel boy bag in the caviar leather - in this colour would be the ultimate)

What item would make the top of your ultimate list? What do you dream of? Let me know in the comments below :)

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  1. Great wishlist! Ugh, the Diptyque packaging is to die for!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  2. That Gucci bag is gorgeous. I love scented candles so much and I wish some of them weren't so expensive! I would definitely be happy to receive them as a gift though :) x

  3. I love this type of list! I have been loving GigixTommy collection so anything from that would be amazing, it's so expensive but I can always look :)
    x Kenzie //

  4. That Gucci bag looks amazing, I have a lot of black designer bags, but nothing with colour, this is stunning!

    Danielle xx

  5. Ugh, I would love to have a high end skin care routine... too much stuff on my Unrealistic list haha!

  6. Damn, I just googled swatches of Sable Smoke by TF and now I want it too! I only have one Tom Ford lipstick because cost-wise that was hard enough to justify, but now that shade is added to the list as well...

  7. That bag is so gorgeous!! It would be amazing to find that or the Tom Ford lipstick under the tree :)x

    Anu♡ | Based On | Bloglovin


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