BLOGMAS: A Day In My Life

So there was an article in the Sunday Times style magazine this weekend - mocking the blogging/youtube community using a day in the life format (if you haven't seen it already - its on twitter) It was badly done, and LilyPebbles was majorly pissed off.. so was everyone else really. 

One thing I am constantly asked about my life is how I juggle Work, College, Parenting and Blogging at once, and to be honest I really have no idea - I wish I had some sort of secret answer for you - but there isn't one.... most of the time it is just good luck! 

So between the bad article and the question of how I juggle my time, I decided to do a day in the life for myself... this is a typical Friday by the way, something a bit different - but I hope you enjoy! 

6.20am: woken up by AJ asking if he can have his Advent calendar yet - agree to avoid a tantrum when I am not quite awake yet, instantly regret it when I see the time.

6.30am: First Alarm *snooze*

6.40am: Second Alarm *snooze*

6.50am: Third Alarm - Check Emails, Twitter, Facebook & Instagram, post comments on Instagram to drive interaction, then schedule tweets.

7.10am: Drag myself out of bed, pee, put the shower on, ask AJ to put his clothes on.

7.20am: Shower, brush my teeth, wash my body - but not my hair.

7.30am: Breakfast, boil the kettle, ask AJ if he is dressed yet, to be met with him in his PJ's asking if he can have breakfast too, remind him he has breakfast club today - watch his face drop - so promise him a yolly if he gets dressed quick enough.

7.40am: Eat breakfast in front of the iPad, make a cuppa into a travel mug.

7.50am: Shout at AJ to get dressed, as he is currently standing in his pants pondering life and laughing at the TV - get myself dressed.

8.00am:  Makeup while shouting at AJ every 5 minutes if he has his clothes on yet.

8.20am: AJ appears, dressed, asking me to tie his tie and brush his teeth, pack my bag for college.

8.30am: Drop AJ off at breakfast club, drive to college.

8.45am: Get to college, sit in the car, post on Instagram, check Twitter, Emails and Start my Snapchat Intro for the day. Wait on my friends arriving.

9.00am: Class #1 Care Principles & Practice - drink my tea, complain with the others that the lecturer goes through the slides way too quickly.

10.50am: Break, check emails, snapchat, twitter, reply to comments on instagram.

11.00am: Class #2 Care: Values & Principles.

1.00pm: Leave class, go over everything we have due in for the following week and say our goodbyes.

1.20pm: Arrive into town, order starbucks using the App.

1.25pm: Pick up the Starbucks, deal with everyone glaring as you get to walk in and leave without queuing. That app is awesome.

1.30pm: Remove the holder and spend 5 minutes trying to get the perfect shot of the cup for instagram, then walk around town drinking it and complaining to snapchat that your hands are too small to snapchat and hold a drink, yet continue to do so anyway... snap all the makeup. Chat to the girls in Debenhams and have a look around the rest of the shops. Try not to buy anything.

2.50pm: Arrive home, check emails & Social Media, pack a bag for AJ going to my Mums, get my things ready for work.

3.15pm: Put bags into the car, pick AJ up from school, ask him a million questions about how his day was and are only told what he had for his lunch. Get into the car.

3.20pm: Drive 58 miles to Dunfermline to meet Mum, play Eye Spy the whole way. Deal with AJ moking me about how I didn't get W for Weeds, or S for City *sigh*

4.25pm: Arrive in Dunfermline, say hello to Mum, swap the bags and the car seat over, Thank her for having him & driving half way to meet me, agree how I will get him back on Sunday, and wish AJ a good time.

4.30pm: Drive all the way back again. Complain to self about the drive, and how the radio is now celebrating the weekend - because I will be working all of it. FUN.

5.30pm: Back in Dundee, go to boots, snapchat the makeup and buy a meal deal.

5.50pm: Get to work, log in and make a cup of tea. check emails and social media.

6.00pm: Work

8.30pm: Break, read a few blogs, leave comments, check social media, have another cuppa and my meal deal, phone my mum and check on AJ.

9.00pm: Work

11.00pm: Finish work, leave, drive home.

11.10pm: Arrive home, remove the makeup and get the PJ's on. Put the telly on and get the laptop out. Write blog post for the following morning - because you forgot.

12.00pm: Fall asleep cuddling your laptop, TV on, phone in hand.


Did you see the article? Is your life stressful as a blogger? How do you manage your days? Let me know in the comments below :)

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  1. Your days seem extremely busy, but I definitely have to applaud you for getting through it! Supermom at it's finest!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  2. I saw the article, just a really sad representation and caricature of something that is far bigger than the cliche it (tried to) represent. Yes, outwardly it can appear shallow or materialistic to be interested in aspects of beauty and fashion and luxury items whilst carefully curating content that will drive people to a site through social media, but for a lot of people it's a little escape to open Youtube or Bloglovin to gasp over a pretty highlighter or a new handbag. It's the world we now live in, media is ever evolving and it's such a shame a more traditional outlet chose a thinly-veiled piece of sarcasm over something more interesting or even a properly entertaining parody. Everyone is open to parody or jokes, but that particular piece didn't sit well with me.

    On another note, my goodness woman you're a superhero! Loved the I Spy bit, how cute!

  3. This literally looks so tasty....I have no idea how you make the time to do all of this!

    kellmenow |
    Instagram |

  4. I love this type of post! My days vary so much right now it seems since I have exams and in exactly one week I'll be home from those exams, probably working up more blogposts!
    x Kenzie //

  5. This is such a cool post idea, might have to steal it. It's so fun to hear how your day goes and also, how adorable is your Christmas header, I'm in love.


  6. Wow you seem so busy!
    My day is much the same but with work instead of college!

    Danielle xx

  7. I love this post and think it's a great idea. It truly shows how blogging, although a hobby for most, still has to fit into our day to day busy lives. Just because we blog doesn't mean we are as busy as everyone else.

  8. Wonderful post! My blogging schedule looks quite similar, it's the best hobby but it is quite time consuming.

  9. Wow what a jammed packed day, it kinda motivates me to packed more into my day ahah!!
    also I love watching your snaps, they are so fun!! Thanks for sharing xox


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