BLOGMAS: 2016 Empties

Have you ever wondered how much someone can go through in a year? Wonder no more! Think it's fun just to see how much I use up. Safe to say my candle & toiletry use is on par at the rate that I buy them.... but the makeup.... well I need to start using more and buying less. 2017 resolution maybe?

Make Up 
5 Concealers 
2 Foundations 
4 Primers
2 Setting Powders 
7 Mascaras 
2 Lip Liners 
5 Eyeliners 
2 Perfumes 

6 Shampoos 
6 Conditioners 
8 Shower Gel/Body Wash 
4 Deodorants 
2 Moisturisers
3 Face Masks 
5 Cleansers 
3 Dry Shampoos  

The Candles
300 Tea Lights 
92 Melts 
11 Large Candles
23 Small Candles

How much make up have you used up this year? Have you finished a lot? Let me know in the comments below :) 

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  1. WOW okay I never wear makeup, so I haven't any makeup empties. Definitely a few shampoos and conditioners and body washes and bath bombs on my list though!
    xx Kenzie //

  2. I dont even want to think how many concealers I've bought this year - in the last month I've used up two alone, so my guess would be a horrific TEN - from the collection one to a couple of new Rimmel favourites. Its the only thing I can't justify spending loads of money on as I go through them so quickly!

  3. I can never do a good job emptying my makeup or skincare products. They take FOREVER! It's great to shop the stash and rediscover items you bought a long time ago though :)


  4. I just watched a documentary called Minimalism on Netflix, I feel this relates to this.

  5. Wow this is incredible when you total it all up, just look how many candles you've burnt!!Bet you had a nice smelling house over the year haha!
    Charlotte //

  6. It is such a great idea, I might do that next year, just to see how much I actually use! I don't know if I use as many candles as you do, but concealers and mascaras must be my most used makeup items as well!

  7. I love reading empties posts. I need to do this and go through lots of products.

  8. Not sure how much I've used up--I tend to use up more bath/body stuff than makeup! Loved seeing your empties.

  9. It's so crazy seeing how much you've used over the year, especially how many candles you've burnt!

    Lauren Ashleigh xx

  10. Wow, I've probably gone through about 100 mascaras this year. This is such a good idea to keep in mind for 2017 though, I might keep a tally chart haha. That concealer sponge from Maybelline is one of my faves but bloody hell, I've never used a concealer so quickly. The sponge must soak up a lot more of the product than other concealers x


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