BLOGMAS: Too Faced Palette Show Down - Which one? Review + SWATCHES

Too Faced peach, semi sweet chocolate bar palette swatches review

Have you ever just felt so over whelmed by a brands palette selection that you don't even know where to begin? Well this is the one for you. This is a full review and swatches of 3 Too Faced palettes. I am skipping the bon bon, because I don't have it - and really just don't like it... but each to their own. 

Here is my top 3, and which one comes out top. I would also like to note that the Sweet Peach palette is Limited Edition, but is being relaunched in time for Christmas, you should be able to get your hands on it if you are fast! So lets get to it :) 

Too Faced peach, semi sweet chocolate bar palette swatches review

First appearances are good, the palettes all come in the same metal magnetic packaging. Each have a different colour and a cute design on the front. The two chocolate palettes each contain 16 shades and have an incredible chocolate smell (Think of the smell of powdered hot chocolate). 

The Peach palette has 18 shades, and smells like peaches (it's so nice) The difference of the two shades is down to the double width shades in the chocolate palettes. I think these are one of the best bits about the chocolate bar palette's so I don't see this as a downside - as you have double the amount of base and highlight shades - something you cannot complain about. 

Too Faced peach, semi sweet chocolate bar palette swatches review

The biggest downside to the Too Faced palettes is the dud colours, but I will go into those more now..

This palette is an all round hit. I really love it. The top shades for me are the two double pan ones - White Chocolate and Champagne Truffle. I am also obsessed with Salted Caramel and Marzipan. The dud's for me are the pink and purple (Strawberry Bon Bon and Candied Violet) I just think the quailty sucks there, and I don't know why they bothered with them! 

This one is my newest out of the three, as time goes on I have noticed there is a difference in the formula here - it just doesn't seem to pick up as well on the brush, but to be fair the formula is at it's worst in the two dud shades - the pink and the blue (Pink Sugar and Blueberry Swirl) again too faced - WHY?? I just wish they had gone with the rest of the palette. The stars of this one are the double pan ones again - Coconut Creme and Butter Pecan, but I also love Peanut Butter and truffled. 

Aaaah my coveted beauty. There is a reason why this has been all over my Instagram for almost a year now, I am obsessed with this palette, it is beautiful. The stand outs for me are Nectar, Bellini, Luscious and Summer Yum. The formula is just incredible with this one, the shades blend beautifully... I am just always so scared to use it - I don't want it to run out! 
I know some people dislike the lack of peachy shades in this palette, but I think the peach with the really warm neutrals works beautifully - and I know I wouldn't use a full peach toned palette, this is the perfect mixture :)

Too Faced peach, semi sweet chocolate bar palette swatches review

Personally I would be gaming up to get myself a peach palette, I think they are well and truly worth the added effort and cost, but if you just plain cannot be arsed with the effort I would go for the original... I just find the formula a little better, and the shades easier to work with (just ignore the duds!) 

The Peach Palette will be launched this month so keep an eye out for it. I am hoping Debenhams get it back in stock - But I don't know if they will - I shall ask and update here when I get an answer :) 
The official launch date for this is 14/12/16 on the Too Faced Website - they do ship to the UK, but the delivery charges are pretty high!

So, which one would you go for? Do you have any already? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! 
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  1. Great comparisons! I don't own or have I ever tried any of the Too Faced palettes despite all the hype around them. I was actually at Sephora today and debating whether or not I should pick up the Chocolate Bar palette, but decided against it. The Peach palette looks really nice though! :)

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  2. I own the semi sweet and sweet peach and I love them both (maybe the sweet peach little bit more just because the color options). I can't wait to finally buy the original chocolate bar palette. :)

    Michelle Morchella

  3. Love this post! The chocolate palette is so dreamy :) I love your Christmas header by the cute!

    Katie |

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  5. I feel like the Chocolate Bar is my natural territory but I might try and get the Sweet Peach for a change :)

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  6. Ahh you're Blogmas, go you!

    I'm feeling the same with Urban Decay at the moment, releases after releases and I just want them all tbh.

    I feel Sweet Peach is the one for me tbh. The colours are something I'd definitely use!

    F A S H I O N I C I D E

  7. All of these palettes are gorgeous! I feel like I'd wear the Chocolate one the most x

  8. I've been contemplating buying a Too Faced palette for ages but can't think of which one to get. Each of them have shades that I wouldn't particularly wear - I love the peach palette, but as I have Naked 3 I think I'd have to go for the Chocolate one! xx

  9. Ive been so impressed with both the Chocolate Bar and Semi-Sweet palettes. I really hope I can get the Sweet Peach soon. I was upset that I wasn't able to get it last year, so very excited that it's going to be a permanent addition to the range.

    I really didn't get on with Blueberry Swirl, but found it much better when applied with a damp brush rather than a dry one. Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

  10. I've been debating whether to get the peach palette for a while - you've definitely swayed me!xx


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