BLOGMAS: All About Me

So I have been blogging for 2 years now, but I thought today I haven't ever really done a get to know me post... so I figured now would be a good time to do one, give you more of an insight to me and my life - if you care that is! :)

Q1: ASL (How MSN of me) 
26, Female, Dundee - Scotland. 
Yes I have an accent, its a Fife/Dundee mix, definitely Scottish. If you want to hear it in action check out Snapchat! 

Q2: Job/Career 
I currently work for a large blue supermarket.. i'll let you figure that out... I work there part time, 16 hours a week - while I attend college. I am currently studying Access To Nursing - and I have just applied to University to study Midwifery. Applying for uni sucks btw, truly awful. 

Q3: Family 
I have a son AJ (Who's name is actually Andrew James - he just refuses to answer to anything other than AJ) he was born in August 2011 when I was 20 years old. I am no longer with his Dad. 
I was raised by my mother. No siblings. My Mum is the best person I know - she raised me single handed and completed uni, saved for a home and gave me an incredible upbringing all by herself. 
My mum was 21 when she had me, so we are very close now. 
I still have a "full set" of Grandparents. I was 20, my mum was 21, and my Gran was 23 when we became parents, so my Gran was made a great grandmother by age 65, she is VERY proud of this, and completely dotes on AJ, who is the first boy in the family in two generations. 

Q4: Relationship Status
Big pants, bad hair, sleeps in the middle of the bed, cuddles a laptop. Definite single pringle. All round crap at relationships, I just suck at them. And with work, uni and AJ - I just don't have the time for it. Plus my Tinder profile would be an ode to cake... so not the most attractive situation. 

Q5: Friends
I have had the same best friend for over 10 years now, we have been through so so much together, she knows me better than anyone, drives me completely bonkers but at the same time - I really couldn't live without her. We have a walk into each others houses, call each other abusive terms and feel comfortable talking about bodily functions kind of relationship. She is the cheese to my macaroni, and I couldn't have survived, motherhood, break ups and complete melt downs without her. 
Other than her I have an amazing group of people at college, and friends from work/school, but for me friends is all about quality over quantity

Q6: What's The Plan
Uni, Nice House, Happy. 
I think AJ's happiness and my own are at the front of my plans, I want AJ to do well at school and make lots of good friends, he is such a sweet boy, I don't want anything to change that. 
Uni feeds into my happiness, I know being a Midwife is what I want to do, and I won't be 100% happy until I make that a reality. 
As for home, I am so desperate to have a garden somewhere nice for AJ to make friends and to be able to go out and play - it just isn't possible where we are now. 

Q7: Home & Car 
I currently live in a 2 bedroom flat in Dundee, but looking to move soon (hopefully) and I drive a bright green Ford Fiesta, who still needs a name.... any suggestions? I used to have a Yellow Beetle called Patunia Buttercup, she was amazing... my dream is to own one again.

Q8: Loves 
AJ, Family, Friends... I love tech. Phone, laptop, HEATING... omg I love to be warm, TV series (bones, scorpion, game of thrones, RuPaul, my list is endless) coffee, cake, cheese, DCUKs, snapchat, irregular choice shoes, pictures, I love a lot. 

Q9: Hates 
Being too hot, or being cold. Burnt food, butter, traffic, car problems, concerts, BUFFERING, slow downloads, queues, unfairness, drunk people, men (ha)... I hate quite a lot too.... don't get me ranting. 

Q10: Something you didn't know
I really dislike girly girly things.... it really stresses me out, pink, bows and frills.... I just cannot handle it. Especially on babies, but I have the same process on overly blue things too... I am a definite bright colours kind of person, so if I am looking to pick a colour for something chances are it will be multicoloured or yellow... I love yellow. 

Do you have anything you want to ask me? Or do you have anything in common with me? Let me know in the comments below! 

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  1. It was nice getting to know more about you through this post! Really cool that you have all 4 generations (your grandparents, mom, you & Aj). It's rare!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  2. Heating!! Haha, I love it too!! I am totally with you on the girly things especially on infants. It makes me cringe so hard when I see those big frilly prams, with a baby inside that has bows stuck to its head and everything is super pink and frilly. Cringe!!!
    kate xx

  3. Love this! I have so much respect for mothers, especially single mothers!


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