Spectrum Collections Essential Set Brushes FULL REVIEW*

Can we take a moment just to appreciate the look of these?  Seriously they are so beautiful. SO BEAUTIFUL. *heart eye emoji* 

So at the end of last month, I felt like thee luckiest girl in the world when Spectrum contacted me back to say they would love me to try some of their brushes. Of course I said yes, so here are my first thoughts, review, and of course lots of pretty pictures :) 

So I went for the "Essential set" give myself a good idea of which brushes are better than others, eyes or face... both... who knows? 

It contains 10 brushes designed to fulfil all your makeup needs.... which got me thinking for this post. 

So since they have arrived over a week ago I have only used these 10 brushes... nothing else. I wanted to see if it really was an essential set, and if they would make a good new makeup lover purchase... so here is the results. 

1. B01 - In The Buff (£8.99 Separately) 
Perfect for a more natural finish this brush will apply your foundation seamlessly. Not the best if you want a fuller coverage look, but super pretty for an everyday makeup look, something I tend to go for anyway. 

2. A01 - Brush Up (£8.99 Separately) 
A big fluffy brush, really cannot go wrong with this one for applying powder.

3. A05 - Blush Crush (£5.99 Separately) 
I have been using this for Blush & Highlight and I love how this applies, so soft and gentle, and applies the product in an even yet subtle way. 

4. B03 - Under Cover (£4.99 Separately) 
This one I have been using for precise contour (nose) and a full highlight glow. But this is a multi tasker brush... I have also been using it to blend concealer, and even blending my eyeshadow... it is definitely a use it how you want shape of brush! 

5. A19 - To the Point (£3.99 Separately) 
Aaaah the lip brush, an essential for a bold lip... just makes application a breeze, this is also the perfect shape. 

6. A06 - Shady Lady (£4.99 Separately)
Without a doubt my favourite. Seriously this brush is AMAZING. To the point I am wanting a second... and maybe a third. To me this has overtaken the RT Bold Metals one, and the UD brush you get with the palettes, it is flat, fluffy and fab at buffing, packing.. the perfect multitasking eye brush.

7  B06 - Blending Friend (£4.99 Separately)
Rivalling a MAC 217 this brush is designed for smoothing out all those mistakes you may have made. Also does well and smoothing out the edges when using a cream eye shadow - I love it.

8. B04 - Eye Spy (£4.99 Separately)
This is the ideal crease brush to add in some depth, this carries a hefty amount of product, which is just what you want for this type of brush. Hello new staple.

9. A14 - Wing It (£4.99 Separately)
new holy grail eyebrow pencil, yes I know its for eyeliner, but I do not care, it is made for my brows, and I will now use nothing else.

10. A09 - So Fine  (£4.99 Separately)
The only one out of the 10 I have not had a chance to try yet, I just don't use brushes like this, I need to get a gel liner to try out with it.

So there is a quick summary of them all, and I have really enjoyed using only these this week, and I will continue to use most on a daily basis. I have actually enjoyed them so much I think I would recommend this set over the Real Techniques as a starter pack, it really is everything you need.

My standout MUST HAVE picks would be the A06, A14 & B04, but at £39.99 for the 10 brushes you are saving £17.91 by buying the full set.... so you be as well ;)

Spectrum also offer 10% off first orders, and the essential collection can be found Here for £39.99

Now, I am away to drool over their instagram & dream of their new hot pink/blush/rose gold collection launching later this month *heart eye emoji*

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, have you tried anything from Spectrum? are they your #brushgoals too?

*these items were sent to me to try, but this post is my own, my own thoughts and is not sponsored. 

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  1. These are by far the most prettiest brushes I have ever laid my eyes on! Fab post :)

    Charlotte x

  2. I love these brushes, I have been using mine as well can't believe how soft they are and not scratchy! Plus how pretty they are is an extra bonus! Great review xo

  3. Oh I am so jealous! I've wanted this set as long as I can remember x


  4. Oh wow I am super jealous! This set of brushes looks so beautiful

    Beauty Candy Loves

  5. Love their designs! Definitely will have to try them out :)

    Lotte | www.lottebeautybox.blogspot.co.uk

  6. Im not to sure how i feel about these because to me they look a wee bit on the cheap side like something you would find in primark i dont know if i would pay that much for them


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  8. The look so bright and pretty! Do you want to be friends with me on bloglovin? If yes, just follow my blog there, I'll follow your blog back!!! https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/anna-alina-3947784

  9. These are so pretty however I do feel a bit iffy with the coloured bristles!!
    Kathy x

  10. Oh wow those sound amazing! You can never have too many brushes and I've been on the hunt for more shadow brushes, a new blush one and a highlighting one!


  11. I think these need to be on my christmas list!!! LOVE!!! xox

  12. It's such an impressive saving when you buy the whole kit I mean, who doesn't need these brushes!
    Charlotte // www.charlottespicks.com

  13. I have these and totally love them xoxo

  14. I absolutely love these brushes! I have my eye on the clam.. *adds to christmas list* haha! XX


  15. I have one of the sets and another brush and I love all of them x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

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