The Perfect Autumn Plum/Purple Lipstick

Oh I do love autumn. 

There is nothing I love more than a Pumpkin Spiced Latte the minute it hits September - but bringing out my autumn lipsticks is a close second. 

All summer I dream of being able to wear a bold lip again, and now is the time to do it. So here is my top picks for this autumn. Some old favourites, some new... but all as equally stunning for making a statement this year. 

1. Rimmel 30 (£5.49) - This was my first ever plum lipstick, it holds a fond place in my heart, stunning and one of the best out of the high street.

2. MAC Dark Side (£15.50) - Mine is in fancy packaging, but it is a part of the permanent line. This was supposed to be the standout for 2015, but another took over that lead. But still a beautiful shade, and I hope to use this one more this year. 

3. YSL 31 (£26.00) - My first ever high end lipstick. I bought this October 2014 in Tenerife. I LOVED IT. Understatement of the century. Any pictures of me at the end of 2014 there is a 99% chance I am wearing this one. And for good reason too, it is beautiful. 

4. Seventeen Rule Breaker* (£4.49) - This was sent to me back in July time.. Needless to say I cannot wait to wear it now. I have worn it a few times despite the heat and season, but I cannot wait for it to be more appropriate. This one is fab for the price! 

5. Maybelline Devine Wine (£6.99) - Say hello to the star of 2015. Seriously I wore this all last year. Every single picture of me on IG last autumn I am wearing this one lol. But it is so worth it. Almost cult status in blogger world last year, it has well earned its label. Love it! 

6. Charlotte Tilbury Hel's Bells (£23.00) - OH ITS SO PRETTY. Seriously so so stunning - I LOVE IT! I bought this over summer, you can see the haul here. And honestly I have been excited for autumn every time I even look at this one. Hoping this will be the shade of 2016.

TL: YSL 31, TR: Seventeen Rule Breaker
BL: CT Hel's Bell's BR: Maybelline Rule Breaker

Do you remember autumn/winters through lipsticks too? let me know your standout shades below! Which ones have you obsessed over?

*this item was sent to me free of charge but does not affect my opinion. This has not been sponsored or asked to be placed in this post, just happened to find itself in here.

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  3. The lipsticks are all gorgeous. I love autumnal makeup!

  4. Dark lips suit you loads! I'm so jealous!

    Corinne x

  5. You look gorgeous with dark lips! Thank you for the post, I think I fell in love with Maybelline Devine Wine. Imma check out the store later.

  6. I looooove Rimmel 30 it's sooo perfect! It looks like a great dupe for MAC Dark Side! Oooh Charlotte Tilbury's Hels Bells may be next on my list!

    corrie |

  7. I love the Charlotte Tilbury shade so much, oh my I must have it. It'll break my bank though :(

    Claire ❤ | My Little Memoir

  8. I adore darker plum lipsticks for the Autumn. I've just purchased a load of shades from NYX. My favourite Autumn shade is Mac - Viva Glam III and I am also loving my new NYX Lingerie in the shade Exotic which is a deep orangey shade.

    Amber - xx

  9. I love dark berry lips for autumn! The MAC one is my favourite, I'm going to have to buy that now! x

  10. I'm so looking forward to Autumn to change up my makeup- dark lips are my favourite.. I've always wanted a YSL lipstick so I might have to invest in shade 31!

    I've just discovered your blog and followed on Bloglovin'- your photography is lovely!

    - Grace / xo

  11. I love those shades!! Fall is by far my favourite time of the year, espacially for make up!
    Katerina xx


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