September Empties

Hello September, new empties post as always mid month!

So here is the things I have finished this month...

1. The Body Shop Raspberry Shower Gel (£8.00) - I loved the smell of this stuff, it was incredible. Sad to see the end of this one. I must say though for the full price it isn't worth it - but if you can get it on offer it is well worth picking up!

2. Mitchum Pure Frest Deodorant (£2.99)  - This brand is just the winner when it comes to sweat protection, I switched over last year and haven't looked back, spray, roll on, this stuff is insane, and no way you are getting sweaty using this.

3. Soap & Glory Brow Archery (£10.00) - This isn't so much empty, but dried out. Just isn't as easy to apply. I found the colour of this to be wrong for my brows too, just not a good match for me I think!

4. Stila Liner (£14.50) - Same problem as above, dried out and a nightmare to apply.

5. Kiko Lip Liner  (£5.90) - again dried out... this is my problem with these twist up liners, they never seem to last as long as a pencil, and this one isn't even a year old yet. Just upsetting!

The Candles. 

My love for candles and wax melts are never ending. Seriously I used my wax melts 23 days this month. LOVE IT. It has mostly been my vanilla and coconut ones, but I have been beginning to use the pumpkin spiced, coffee, gingerbread type ones. I love this time of the year.

As for the packets I have used up two of the home bargains ones... one pack of the French Vanilla, and the other a pack of the Coconut and Vanilla. My favourite pack has to be the Scentsy Wild-What-A-Melon, which is perfect for summer time... but I can see that being used less over winter.

As for candles I have gone though a banana scented one from home bargains, which was actually incredible for £2.99... oh and a trusty IKEA one, honestly they can do no wrong!

Which things have you used up this month? are you candle obsessed too? let me know in the comments below :)

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  1. It's a shame that so many of these have dried up and aren't good to use any more, seems like even more of a waste of a purchase! How is the Stila liner on a good day? I've been wanting to try it!

    Em | beautyandbullshitt x

  2. I'm surprised about the Kiko lip liner, I never thought they could dry out! That's really annoying. You used a lot of wax melts as well! I haven't been using my candles recently because I don't feel the need to burn them in the summer, but I can't wait for autumn and winter to get all my 'cosy' candles out :D

    Julia x
    Last post: My Summer Manicure |

  3. I've been wanting to try the Archery pencils, hopefully I can get a proper shade! I bought a few candles so I'm hoping to start burning them, I never seem to remember to light them lol

  4. Wow, so many candles and wax melts. I love vanilla too but now I want to purchase something more appropriate for fall, so pumpkin spice it is!


  5. That raspberry shower gel sounds lovely! Have a great weekend, Erin <3

    Edye | Http://


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