September Favourites


Seriously can you tell I love autumn? Obsessed haha. All things seasonal this favourites i'm afraid, so if you hate autumn.... well your probably not going to like this post. But if you love it, and want to see what I have been loving this September, check this out :)

This palette is my ultimate. I think it is quickly becoming my favourite. The colours are just so me, perfection and completely beautiful. Cannot get enough of this one :) 

I just love these so much, they remind me a lot of the Jeffree Star ones, but they don't have that nasty chemical smell. I LOVE this shade. This paired with my Violet Voss palette and my Sainsbury's scarf is just everything right now (ask my #SnapChatFam (MakeErinOver)) I wear it all the time. 

I was really really excited when these arrived in my mail box, yes they look amazing, but the quality is incredible.. I have a few favourites, but overall the whole collection is awesome. Check out my full post on them, I go into detail on each one :) 

This was an effort to get my hands on, but so so worth it, go grab it while it is still available, because it is thee most perfect shade for this time of year, and has been on my nails since it arrived :) 

5. Boots Nails Remover Pot (£3.00)
I HATE cotton wool. Like hate it, so removing my nail varnish even with a cotton pad is like hell to me, as I hate the feeling of it on my nails. Plus I am lazy, so can never be bothered, but this little pot is just a dream. removes it within seconds, so quick, easy and fuss free, well worth the £3! 

I'm sure my instagram is sick of seeing this scarf. But I don't care. HA. Seriously its love. This and my old lady cardi is just the one this month, so so obsessed. The autumnal colours, perfection. 

7. Starbucks Pumpkin Spiced Latte
*heart eye emoji* Need I say more? 

8. Instagram Theme 
Ok so some of you may noticed my blog photos are not white. Why? I suck at white. SUCK. It's so hard to get them all the right white, its just way too much effort. and for the past 6 months I have been trying to theme my IG white, until a few weeks ago when I decided I hate it, and I want it to be more me. So now it's autumnal, and I LOVE it. Don't get me wrong, I still love to look at the perfect white photos, but I just cannot do it, my life isn't white, its colourful! :) Make sure to follow me @MakeErinOver

9. TV: Please Like Me (Amazon Prime)
I LOVED this show, so awkward funny, but not in a forced kind of way. It is basically about a young guy who has just realised he is gay, his life along with his family and friends, it is so so good. If you have Prime - give it a go, I promise it will not disappoint. 

10. Random Favourite: College
So I have been at college now for a full month, yay! I managed to cope! Things are getting easier with the weekly routine, but I must admit the work load is increasing rapidly, and I just need to stay on top of it all :) But so far I am really enjoying it - the girls (and one boy) are all lovely. If you want to know what I'm doing etc check out my life update here :) 

Let me know below which things you have been loving this month? anything special? 

*These items have been sent to me for review, but have ended up in the favourites because I genuinely love them. All opinions are my own :)

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  1. That palette is too pretty it's hurting my eyes!
    Charlotte //

  2. Wow that nail varnish is amazing! I really don't think I could pull it off as I'm pretty pale but it looks insane! I might get an orange toned one instead, will deffo check out Barry M shades. Also obsessing over the Starbucks winter menu, that makes me insanely happy haha xx

  3. That palette is so pretty! I have been looking for a palette with those eyeshadow shades so I will definitely check it out :)

    Sarah |

  4. The palette is so gorgeous, perfect for the autumn!

    Parie x
    Class and Glitter

  5. I like Violet Voss Holy Grail Palette, it reminds me Modern Renaissance from ABH. And if I loved liquid lipstick with matte finish, Lolita would be definitely one of my fave as well. :)

    Michelle |

  6. I love your scarf! I was just thinking I need to get one similar.
    Pumpkin Spice Lattes are AMAZING! I always forget just how good it is, so its seems like it gets better every time.

    A New Old Fashioned Girl

  7. Holy crap, that palette is beautiful! I visited the site the other day in hopes that it would be in stock, but sadly it wasn't :( It looks really nice though!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  8. That Violet Voss palette is gorgeous! It's crazy but I've never had a pumpkin spice latte, I'm not sure I would like it. I used to watch Please Like Me, I need to catch up as I think there's another season out!

  9. That nail shade definitely stands out! I would love that for summer especially :)
    Kathy x

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  11. I love the look of that Violet Voss palette- the warm shades are perfect for this time of year! I also can't believe that scarf is from Sainsbury's! I'm going to have to go have a look for one myself now!

  12. That pallet looks incredible. Especially the top right colour, I would use that until it was all gone!

    Danielle xx

  13. that violet voss palette is so beautiful! I got an email from Beauty Bay about it being back in stock but by the time I had a chance to look it was already sold out :(

  14. I'm obsessed with Lolita II! I definitely need to start wearing Barry M Mustard again now it's Autumn as it was a favourite of mine last year :)

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  15. Oh wow what a stunning palette. Love those warm shades xx

    Gemma ♡ Miss Makeup Magpie

  16. Great post! Really love the look of the brushes.
    Gemma x

  17. The violet voss pallette looks amazing, definitely need to get my hands on it! Love your picks this month xx

    Shelby |

  18. Really fab favourites, sweetie! LOVE them all! I have no idea now why in the world I cancelled Prime. I must re-new it :D Plus, all the makeup bits and bobs are just drool-worthy. Don't even get me started on the PSL because, as it's all been established ages ago, you and I are Starbucks gals :D
    xox Nadia


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