Violet Voss Holy Grail Palette Review + Swatches

Violet Voss Holy Grail Swatches Review

If I was to make a palette it would be this. 

You know when you see a palette and all you can think is "its the one" well this one is the one for me. LOVE at first sight. The perfect warm gold eye look. Cannot get enough of this one. 

Violet Voss Holy Grail Swatches Review

*sigh* its just stunning. The pigmentation is beautiful, all swatch and apply perfectly and blend out really nicely. No complaints at all. I also like the packaging, and normally I hate cardboard, but this is very sleek, thin and compact.

Violet Voss Holy Grail Swatches Review

Crystal - Inner corner and brow bone highlight, I do love shades like this, and this palette has two!

Ploof - The second inner corner highlight but this one is pink toned rather than white. Both beautiful

Thanks A Latte (Matte) - It doesn't matter what look I am going for, this is my base on top of my primer, every palette needs a base shade :)

Transition (Matte) - Hello warm transition colour, it's name is perfect - and really does say it all

Hashtag (Matte) - Cannot get enough of this shade, every single eye look just now has this round my crease. WARM. Hello warm. Love it :)

Violet Voss Holy Grail Swatches Review

Awesome Sauce - This would be the one for me if it wasn't for toffee. Awesome sauce is just beautiful, a very reddy tone gold. lovely.

Bestie (matte) - Bestie is half way between Thanks a latte and transition, also makes a fab base shade.

Toffee - I would compare this to the MUG Foiled shadows, super thick and super pigmented. This is beautiful, and the star of this palette... but if you know me at all you will know I love a gold.

Chill - This is a very odd shade, its gold, very warm, but at the same time kind of subtle, and slightly greenish in tone? maybe I am crazy saying that!

How You Doing - browny reddy warm shimmer. Yes.

Violet Voss Holy Grail Swatches Review

Bat My Eyes - The most perfect brown shimmer.

Cool Beans - Such a stunning shade, this reminds me of one from seventeen I have, again this is almost foil like... really really beautiful

R U Kitten Me (Matte) - Warm brown matte shade for your crease. HATE the name, but it is very pretty.

So Jelly - This is the one shade all I can think is WHY!! I just feel like it doesn't fit in.

On Fleek - Sigh, stunning red shimmer, this is lovely all over the eye for a deep red eye (see below)

Violet Voss Holy Grail Swatches Review

Brownie points (matte) - A true brown shade, this is a close match to my brows, so if I do need a brow filler I can use this too

Teddy Bear (matte) - I love using this as a liner, so so beautiful as a softer edge if I am not in the mood for a sharp flick.

Glamping - warm brown slightly shimmery, lovely.

Cranberry Splash - A redder wine version of on fleek, super shimmery, and again almost foil like.

Wine N Dine (matte) - STUNNING. I used this in the look below, it is just beautiful on the outer edge. Love love love it.

How many times can I say beautiful, lovely, warm and reddy brown in one post right? but still this palette is all very the same, but beautiful together. Such a stunning palette and a must if you are a warm toned eye kind of gal like me!

Here is the looks I created using them, I love it! I highly recommend following me on snapchat if you like sneak peaks at my makeup and what I have been using, follow me @MakeErinOver for more, and let me know which palette you have been loving this month? Do you have this one? Is this something you would go for?

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  1. I adore this pallete! The only thing that puts me off is that I already own the ABH modern Renaissance and they're very similar shades X

  2. You did such an incredible job not only reviewing the palette but most importantly giving those awesome swatches & talking through each one of them! Loved it, honey <3 Such a beautiful palette!! Perfect for any season, especially the fall. You're so talented with your makeup looks, sweetie.
    xox Nadia

  3. They're all so beautiful, but I love Cranberry Splash! The palette kind of reminds me of a the Anastasia Renaissance Palette, but bigger and possibly better. :)

    Abby Talks

  4. That's one pretty palette and most of these colours are wearable! Bottom row is perfect for the upcoming seasons:) Who came up with the card board packaging, I really hate it because somehow I manage to rip it off :/

    Ela BellaWorld

  5. What a stunning palette! I've seen a few reviews on this palette and they are always great. Love the look that you created with it too, gorgeous!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  6. The swatches look so pretty! I really couldn't justify this and the ABH Modern Renaissance as the shades are pretty similar. I ended up going with ABH but this is still very nice to look at :)

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  7. I think the shades are absolutely gorgeous but really warm shades tend to look strange on me in my opinion, so this might not be my holy grail palette. I feel like if you have this you can skip out on a lot of other new releases like the Modern Renaissance and the Kyshadow palettes!

  8. Love the colours on this palette they are gorgeous xxx

  9. I love how you say this is how a palette you'd make would look - it really is ridiculously gorgeous! The warm shades look as though they'd be really flattering; the shade Toffee is making my heart flutter haha.

  10. looks like a nice product! thanks for sharing

    Inside and Outside Blog

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  12. I have heard mixed reviews on this palette, so glad you love it and the pigmentation is up to scratch because the colours are SO GORGEOUS. I want! Brilliant review, Erin xxx

    AlLittleKiran | Bloglovin

  13. Hashtag is such a lovely color! xx

    Edye | Http://

  14. It's soooo beautiful! Yes, I know that feeling of love at first sight, this could be one of those kind of palettes for me.

    | |

  15. Wow this palette looks incredible! Some lovely shades!

  16. This palette looks beautiful and the swatches oooooo!

    Lee |

  17. What a stunning palette the gold shades are gorgeous xoxo

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  19. I'm so tempted to order this palette! I have the Morphe 35o and I was thinking it's too similar but I may have to just compare it in person. Great review and swatches!


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