LIQ CC Serum Light 15% Vitamin C Boost*

So over a month ago now LIQ C contacted me asking me if I would like to try their LIQ CC Light Serum, which is a Vitamin C Serum. It boasts anti ageing and protects against harmful environmental factors. So of course I said yes. I am getting really into skincare recently, especially as it can help with applying makeup flawlessly.

My skin is combination mainly, but I do suffer from breakouts during a certain time of the month... which I will get oily during.

So I have been using this for the past 3 weeks, and I must say I do love what it has been doing for my skin so far. It just seems to hydrate it without making me oily. I have also seen a noticeable decline in my breakouts. They have been easier to manage this month.

I do love the formula, it does dry very quickly (within 10 minutes) which I look for - nothing worse than a greasy pillow at bed time...

overall I am really impressed with the results of this, cannot deny when my face clears up for a full month, and the application is just a pleasure. I love skincare when it is enjoyable to apply, and this definitely is. 

You can pick up the LIQ CC Serum Light here for £17.90 

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  1. I love oils that hydrate without making the skin oily, they are great for oily/combination skins too. Good to hear that this is helping you with the breakouts!

    Ela BellaWorld

  2. Sounds like a great product! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Erin <3

    Edye | Http://

  3. I dont actually have a serum in my skincare routine, I really need to look into something like this, great post! xox
    Emma •

  4. Hi, I bought this serum (Vit.C Light) when I was in Poland, it was recommended by dermatologist in an article. I saw the difference after first use. It's just finished, so I have to buy another one or maybe with vitamin E. I like my glowing, healthy skin after this product. It was one of the product that inspired me to open my own shop an I will definately will place it with other fab cosmetics (

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