Sugar Baby Vita+Skin Sugar Scrub & Body Oil*

SugarBaby recently sent me these two items to try out, and wow am I impressed. They kindly sent me two products to try out... all the way from Australia, how cool. Hopefully they will turn me into some aussie surf babe huh? maybe not. But at least I smell like one :P

I typically don't use a scrub all that much, just because I can never find one that I agree with. It always comes down to either feeling gritty and sore - or too lumpy and doesn't really stick or do anything other than be washed away. *sigh*

But the Coconut & Raw Sugar Body Scrub seems to be the perfect half way point, it sticks enough, isn't gritty, but does exfoliate, then also leaves your skin feeling super smooth and moisturised. A total winning formula.

It also says it will help with tightening and toning, which is even better added into the mix, but not something I can visibly notice yet - but give me another month or so :P

The one downside I would say is the packaging.. I am pretty clumsy, so I always worry I am going to drop it while attempting to get the product out, but that isn't anywhere near a game changer... plus the sleek look is very photogenic.

The Hydrating Coconut Body Oil was surprising in texture. I typically struggle applying oil like this (again clumsy I make a mess) but this isn't oily in appearance, I would say it comes out more like a gel.. which is so much easier to apply!

A little bit of this goes a long long way, and it has been a complete god send for my sunburn this week. Stopped me from becoming a peely scale mess, and keeps me smelling incredible. I love love love Coconuts.

So I am now after the hair mask next... check them out now while they are on offer, well worth picking up :)

You can view the full SugarBaby range here on Superdrug

*These items were sent to me free of charge, but as always my opinion (and words) are my own. 

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  1. This sounds AMAZING! I love the coconut smell too and the packaging does look so pretty!

    Gemma x

  2. this looks lovely, the packaging is super cute too! xo

  3. My current scrub is reeeaaallly gritty, this one looks like a much better texture!

  4. I love a good scrub will have to check that out xoxo

  5. I swear the Australians are seriously nailing it on the body scrubs department, I've seen a couple of Aussie companies coming out with amazing scrubs and this is another prime example of it. Thank you for the recommendation!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  6. I can bet they also smell really cool! x

    Have a great week,

  7. I haven't seen a body oil that it is like gel in texture, all oils I have tried are runny and feel like water. This one looks awesome!


  8. These are lovely and affordable,you get a free lip scrub aswell atm with sugar baby products online.Great post erin 😊

  9. These sound so good! I hate gritty scrubs, too. I bet tis smell so nice.

    Corinne x

  10. Wow! this sounds good, thanks for the honest review.

  11. This is such a cool body scrub idea! Organic and natural, woah! I'm quite impressed with it, though now I want to see if I can make a DIY version of my own hehe <3

    xx BASH |   go say   H E Y   B A S H


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