Boots/Clinique HAUL

It has been such a long time since I did a boots haul on here, but I was in Boots today and had vouchers to use - so I picked some bits up for myself off the Clinique counter.

Don't you just hate though when you don't wear makeup that day and try to buy from counters. Get the worst looks off some people, yes I know what I am talking about - even if I don't look it. *sigh*

So, the main thing I wanted to look for was the "Take the Day off" cleanser (£22.00). This is a hard formula, which melts on your face and fingers to remove your makeup effortlessly. Cannot wait to try this, heard really good reviews, and i'm sure i'll love it :)

(side note: does anyone else HATE taking pictures of products like this, the packaging is so awkward, and they just never look good when I try!, so sorry!) 

I then treated myself to a new Matte formula Lip Pop in "Ruby Pop" (£16.00) the packaging is freeking beautiful, and the colour is stunning too. This may be a red I can actually wear, first impressions are great too, it isnt completely opaque, but I am actually loving it. It is also really moisturising considering it is matte, isn't uncomfortable at all :)

Because I bought two things from them, I then was given a freebie goodie bag filled with travel sized items. YAY! Included was:
-  "Take the Day Off Makeup Remover for Lids, Lashes and Lips" - from the same range as my cleanser.
-  The Facial Soap - which is going straight in my shower.
- Pep Start Eye, which I have seen the ads for, really interested in trying this one!
- High impact mascara, which I have tried before.
- Little Lip Pop in "Bubblegum pop" which is a sheer pink - not something I would typically use, so will give to my Mum probably...
- The Chubby Stick Blush in "Robust Rhubarb" (1/3 less than full size)

My favourite part has to be the bag though, you can see all the details for the products here.

I then decided to finally use some of my boots advantage card points... I have been eying up the Estee Lauder Lipliner in "Currant" (£18.00) for ages now, but the price is so high for a pencil... so perfect excuse to use my points. No regrets, it is beautiful. such a stunning shade, and the formula is incredible.

So here are they all swatched, so so pretty! The Blush seems really blendable too, worth trying out :)

Have you picked anything up in Boots recently? Or have you tried any of these before? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Hi lovely, fab post! Love a makeup haul! I can confirm that the Clinique Take The Day Off cleansing balm is LIFECHANGING - hands down easiest and best makeup-removing product I've ever used, as it takes everything off and doesn't irritate or dry out my skin at all :) I literally did pretty much the same thing at the Clinique stand in Boots the other week, they always have such great offers on! Can't wait to see what you make of it!

    Rebecca xx
    - -

  2. I've never actually tried a single product from Clinique but reading this post has made me want too! I want to try it all though, it all sounds amazing! x


  3. I have not yet tried any Clinique products as I don't think that they available in my country. Although I would love to try some of the lip products :)

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

  4. Take the day off cleanser is great, it is one of the best ones I used so I am sure you'll love it! Ruby Pop is a gorgeous red.

    Ela BellaWorld

  5. I love Clinique! Thank you for reviewing!

  6. I've actually never really used Clinique products before

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  7. You will hopefully love the Take the Day Off Balm! It's so easy to use and really nourishes my skin after a long day of wearing makeup! It's the best!

  8. How I love a gift with purchase! They make excellant value for money! I love Take The Day off balm but I just get through it too quickly :(. May have to pop into boots and see if they have the gift going on in my store. xx

    PS: The photo looks fine lol

  9. I'm always so intimidated by counters because I don't really know much about makeup and feel like they're a bit judgemental! Ha.

    I called Dundeeee yesterday.

    Corinne x

  10. I adore the "Take the Day Off" balm, I think it feels much nicer than the Emma Hardy one. Great post, definitely giving me Clinique envy!

    Sara x

  11. I love the Clinique Pop collection, the lipsticks are so weightless but pigmented!

  12. I always struggle to take pictures of products that have a short packaging like face and hair masks. Cannot find the right angle haha! Ruby Pop is gorgeous!


  13. Such an amazing haul, hon! I won't even comment on the looks you got or someone else can easily get at Boots or similar places. Just don't get the point of being so bitter and making it a priority to judge someone. If I were to work there and saw someone coming in and buying stuff while being makeup-free I would be thinking to myself: "Way to go! Wish I could take mine off now" :) Oh well, you look gorg no matter what so there ;)
    Those lip shades are insane. I have been eyeing Ruby Pop for a while and I feel like I DEFINITELY need another red lipstick in my life :D
    xox Nadia

  14. Great haul! I'm a big fan of the Clinique Lip Pop Lipsticks xx

    Gemma ♡ Miss Makeup Magpie

  15. Nice review....I love Clinique make-up products !!! especially the new POP MATTE - LIP COLOUR + PRIMER.
    But what about ingredients ? Can you add here or send a pic of its full ingredient list please ?



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