Life On Film #1

There is something incredible about an old school film camera. I think it reminds me how much has changed in 15-20 years. Life in the 90s and early 2000s were technology lacking compared to where we are at now. I was glued to MSN, on my windows 2000 PC using dial up internet. I had snake on my phone and I was amazed at a colour screen phone never mind one capable of taking pictures.  

In the world of cameras so much has changed. Nowadays we are used to instant photos, with incredible quality and things we take completely for granted, like auto focus, wifi, screens... 

Ben still has a Olympus OM10, no D, because it isn't digital. It was made by Olympus in 1980-1987, it belonged to Ben's Dad. So this Camera - is older than me. 

It takes actual FILM. You have no idea how it looks when you are taking photos, if it turned out alright, who knows? It also does not have auto focus... so yeah, FUN. Hence why a lot of these are blurry - forgive me, I'm new to this. 

But overall, I love the whole process. The unknown, the waiting, the developing. Having patience once again, in a world which is now so instant. 

 I hope you enjoyed this little break from beauty, but its the joys of having a blog: #myblogmyrules

Would you try out a film camera now? How long has it been since you used one? Let me know in the comments below! 


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