Eve Sleep Mattress: 100 Sleeps Later

Eve Sleep Mattress: 100 Sleeps Later

100 sleep guarantee you say?

Please note: I have worked with Eve previously on This Post (Eve Towels) but this post is in no way a collaboration, they didn't know I was writing it, and I definitely was not paid for it.

So my Gran and Grandad very kindly bought me a new mattress for my Birthday/Christmas back in November, and last night marked my 100th night with it. I thought I would give a quick talk through of my thoughts and feelings of the Eve Sleep Mattress, and if you need one in your life...

Obviously, my first impression was "OMG ITS YELLOW" - because, well it is. The box was yellow, the mattress is yellow, and it is the *right* yellow too (Warm toned) It is just the most beautiful mattress, non-boring, non-flowery.

When it arrived it was vac-packed, you need to let it "air out" for a few hours on the bed with no bedding. In this time it goes from being pretty flat and small - to regular size. By night-time it is good to go... and wow is it good.

Eve offers a 100-night sleep trial with every purchase, which means if you are unhappy with the mattress over the 100 nights, you can return it. No quibble, no box needed, damage included, you can just call them and they will pick it up.

But after my 100 nights, all I can think is WHY WOULD YOU. Seriously. There is a reason why they are confident enough to offer the 100 nights: because they know after 1, you will be in mattress bliss and ready to slap someone at the thought of them taking away your beloved mattress.

I can describe it as sleeping on a cloud which hugs you. You seem to sink into it, like a big supportive cuddle. My main worry was it would be too soft, but it seems to somehow give support without feeling firm - which means I can be comfy and cosy, without getting a sore back.

Since purchasing it, Ben (My boyfriend) bought the super king mattress topper. My Mum has also given into its ways after being doubtful at first - she now looks forward to staying over and getting to sleep in my "really comfy bed". Then there is AJ. Who will sneak into my bed at any given chance because:

"Mummy, your bed is just SO comfy" 

And well, I agree. There would be no way I would let anyone pick it up now. In fact, I spend all my time now recommending them. I really do think everyone needs one - whether you are a yellow lover or not.

I have since added The Pillows, The Bedspread and The Yellow & Grey Bedding to my wishlist - because I want my bed to truly be heaven.


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