Clinique Smart Indulgence Gift Set (£42 Worth £134!)

Clinique Smart Indulgence Gift Set (£42 Worth £134!)

Awww Damn, it's a good deal, I need it.

Issy made me buy this. She did a post on the lip balm here, and I wanted it, so instead of buying the lip balm, I bought the whole set... cause it was a good deal, story of my life. 

So I thought I would share it all with you, be an enabler, make you buy something because it is just SUCH a good deal, filled with fabby products. 

Clinique Smart Indulgence Gift Set (£42 Worth £134!)

T H E   F U L L   S I Z E S

I haven't heard much about this, but the girl on the counter was really impressed. This is a day moisturiser, oil-free, SPF 15 and boasts of being moisturising but remaining a good base for makeup. I am really excited to try this one out. 

This is definitely a second cleanse option or a morning cleanser, I like to use these in the morning. I definitely do not need another light cleanser... but meh, it will be used! 

The lip balm Issy was raving about. I've already tried it, and so far it rocks! 

This is a stunning all over the lid shade, quick and easy to use, in shade and application. I am loving pencil eyeshadows at the moment for those days when you are just too busy for brushes. 

Clinique Smart Indulgence Gift Set (£42 Worth £134!)

T R A V E L   S I Z E 

I have had one of these before and loved it. They are so good for going away too, full-size brush but teeny tube. Perfect! 

Clinique Take The Day Off™ Makeup Remover 30ml (Full Size - 125ml £17.50, Approx £4.00 Value)
1/4 of the size of a 125ml full size, but overall a decent size for trying or taking away, I've had one of these before and loved it in Berlin, so overall happy to have another one, with the split oil/water formula it can remove pretty much everything! 

Clinique Chubby Stick™ Moisturising Balm - Super Strawberry 1.2g (Full Size - 2.8g £18.50, Approx £10.00 Value)
This seems to be the most beautiful quick lippy option, the one for no makeup, makeup days. I think I will be using this all summer. 

Clinique Chubby Stick™ Sculpting Highlight 4g (Full Size - 6g £20.00, Approx £14.00 Value) 
This one definitely not suit all skin tones, but on my pale skin and slightly darker, it works beautifully. It's the most perfect glow on my skin. I cannot wait to try this one out. 

Exclusive Clinique embroidered headband
The set also contains a cute little headband to save your hair getting wet while doing skincare. *yay* 

Clinique Smart Indulgence Gift Set (£42 Worth £134!)

So overall, the total value of £135.50 in my books, but we will take their £134 as legit - I am seriously impressed with the savings here. 

- The perfect gift for Mother's Day, or Treat yourself like I did! 

Have you tired any of these before? Would you consider a set like this? Let me know in the comments :) 


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