Boyfriend Reviews: Snow Fairy Massage Bar (Lush)

Boyfriend Reviews: Snow Fairy Massage Bar (Lush)

Erin was annoyed that my post did so well last time, so she is now refusing to write all of her posts herself. So I'm back with a review of the Snow Fairy Massage bar from Lush. So lets set the scene..

The lights are dimmed and candles lit - all that we were missing was a bit of Marvin Gaye to set a stereotypical romantic mood. Erin is laid on the bed in front of me as I take the Snow Fairy massage bar in my hands I can feel the buttery texture starting to melt as I hold it.

“It says on the website to puncture one of the holes to let the bit of dust inside out,” Erin says..

So I take a pencil and pierce one of the holes on the front of the bar. A little bit of dust??A LITTLE BIT OF DUST?? What followed was literally like a scene from one of those A&E drama shows where someone nicks an artery and blood goes everywhere. However, in this case, the “fairy dust” otherwise known as glittery talcum powder pours out everywhere and there is so much of it and I can’t stop it! This resulted in the next 10 mins being spent rolling around laughing so hard whilst I emptied it all over Erin or in the bin. Looking down Erin was now transformed into a beautiful pink sparkly fairy.. which I’m sure she… umm.. loved.

I’m pretty sure Erin was sparkly for quite a while after this and so was I… multiple days with glitter in places you don't want glitter!

So the bar is now discontinued but it still available on the USA website. Their website says:

"Poke holes in the marked spots on your sparkle jar, then dust yourself soft. When you've used up your powder, melt the jar onto skin for serious softness and shimmer.”

This is.. well its all a bit silly to be honest. The dust isn’t the impressive part, the bar is, and if you waited until you’ve used up the powder well that would take forever and everything in your whole house/apartment would just be pink and glittery.

The powder itself isn’t very “massage” like however the bar itself does melt really nicely against the skin leaving a nice buttery/oily-ness which, from what I could tell, felt nice! So now we’ve lost the powder I’m sure we’ll enjoy many massages to come.

Lastly the smell.  It was a nice enough smell, but strong enough to give you both a headache for the following days which kinda counteracts the idea of the nice relaxing massage right?  Plus I was washing Darcey in the bath the other day after a walk, I opened her Pethead shampoo and all of a sudden I got flashbacks, umm I'll leave you to decide if you want to smell like dog shampoo.

Do you have a  favourite massage product? Let us know in the comment below.



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Boyfriend Reviews: Snow Fairy Massage Bar (Lush)

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