Jo Malone: Honey & Crocus (English Fields Collection)

The Jo Malone English Field collection was mine the minute I seen it promoted. Sometimes a launch just speaks to me on all levels, and I part with my cash as soon as they say "it's here". 

This collection is embracing all the nicer English countryside vibes, think more floral than manure. Plus the packaging... *swooon* It is just utter perfection. 

These new five scents include something for everyone to enjoy over spring/summer. The store in St Andrews (Scotland) had the collection in early due to their window revamp - so I had a good smell of them all, and wow am I impressed. 

Primrose & Rye was fresh, yet had a warm comforting vanilla & rye base. with top notes of primrose and mimosa. This is one for a simplistic yet beautiful finish, the scent that you can wear daily, all year. 

Oat & Cornflower was even warmer, rich beautiful scent. Deep scent with hints of hazelnuts throughout. This one is the addition for those who prefer a rich warm scent all year long - the spring version of your typical warm scent. 

Green Wheat & Meadowsweet is the freshest of them all. Hints of grapefruit included too. This is the ultimate spring/summer scent for those who prefer a light, powdery, beautiful scent. 

Poppy & Barley was SO close to being mine. The fruity hint of blackcurrant mixed with the floral, then a base of white musk is just beautiful. I might just need to get this one too... This to me is the best showcase of the collection. 

Honey & Crocus is the scent I chose. Simply due to how unique it is. With a base of Honey, along with almond milk... this smells like a Cherry Bakewell - and it turns out I am all for smelling like cake.

Overall, I am in love with this collection, the packaging and the scents are just stunning - and if you haven't tried Jo Malone yet - this would be your perfect time to. 

Jo Malone: Honey & Crocus (English Fields Collection) UK Launch, poppy & barley,


* Please NOTE. This post IS NOT SPONSORED. IT IS NOT GIFTED. I just am fangirling hard for JM right now and have been stalking their store waiting on this. #lame

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