Turning 27

It's official. When you are reading this I will be the grand age of 27. 

To celebrate my birthday I drove 411 miles down south to Ben's house for the weekend, needless to say I am being spoilt rotten by him as usual, he is so lovely - and way too kind to me! So I thought I would leave this post until the night before, sit on his couch (with a glass of wine) and decide what the content will be, and to be honest I think it is simply going to be 27 facts and opinions, meaningful or otherwise - that I have picked up on over the years. 

1. The Costa 2017 Christmas range is so much flipping better than the Starbucks one. I tried both on the drive down here - and the starbucks have found the need to put actual crunchy nuts into the coffee. Just NO. No one needs to chew coffee - Ever. 

2. Crying into a tub of Ben and Jerrys cures pretty much everything. 

3. If you don't know what you want to do at university - don't go to university.  Don't waste time and money if you are unsure. 

4. MAC limited edition packaging is just the BOMB. 

5. Nothing beats a coffee first thing in the morning. 

6. Whenever you think you are doing ok with money - your car will break. They are dicks like that. 

7. The book is ALWAYS better. 

8. Being a single parent is so hard, relying on others is hard, but seeing him succeed and be a functioning mini adult is SO rewarding. 

9. The M6 Toll road is a joke. It wouldn't work in Scotland - we are too tight, none of us would use it. 

10. Santa cannot break copyright. So if a toy has stopped being made in a factory then he cannot make it anymore. FACT. 

11. In the land of Tattoos you get what you pay for. Don't be cheap - invest in an artist. 

12. Don't let people take you for granted. Would they do the same for you? 

13. You will love your best friends kids as much as you love her. They will steal little bits of your heart and become automatic family. 

14. Feet rubs and back rubs are the best things ever. 

15. The people close to you who are being harsh - are the ones you should be listening to. Everyone wants to hear the good. But real friends will tell you when you are being a wanker. 

16. Sanpelligrino is the best drink everrrr. Blood Orange or Grapefruit is the best. 

17. First impressions can be changed. Instead of holding grudges, relax, convince them otherwise, you'll be surprised at the friends you can make. 

18. McDonalds big tasteys are heaven. 

19. Find a boy/girl who will deal with your shit isn't lucky. It should be the standard, don't settle for anything less. Find someone who thinks your shit is cute, normal, and helps you to be the best version of you. 

20. Some people live off the attention of others and the drama, don't feed them. 

21. Not having a bath SUCKS ASS. 

22. Apple watches and MacBooks are not essential, but damn they make life so much better. 

23. Karma is a bitch. Let her work. 

24. Weight issues are real at any size. 

25. Being positive is good, and I try to be, but sometimes having a good bitch is incredible too. It's not fun being happy and lovely all the time, its normal and more realistic to not get on with everyone. 

26. Sexism is real, and being a female is tough. Even in 2017. 

27. A girl can never own too many shoes, lipsticks or highlighters.  

Do you agree with any of my points? What have you learned from growing up? :)



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