The Black Friday Anti-Haul (On Brands/Websites)

I wasn't actually planning on doing a Black Friday post - hence the lack of appropriate image. But 100 emails too many, and well, this is what has happened!

Now, some brands are dropping some pretty epic discounts - Beauty Bay, Missguided, Next, BooHoo, Spectrum.... but some brands are epically failing - and well the discounts are appreciated - but it really isn't worth all the banners, the emails, the constant promos.. so I thought I would go through some places just not worth looking through (unless you have a specific item to buy)

I know some of you will be thinking "oh but they don't need to give us discount" - no you are right, but if they are insisting on sending me multiple emails into my inbox advertising it - expect to be slammed for it. Now, instead of telling you what you should buy, here is some places to not bother with.

1. Asos - 20%
I swear I get an email every other week offering money off Asos, and what makes this worse is the CONSTANT emails and promos. Go away Asos, you do discounts all the time, don't act like your 20% is anything incredible, cause Students get it constantly (and everyone knows a Student) 

2. Office - 20% 
Again, see above. They did this promo last month to students, then they are all over emails, social media, bragging their discount. MEH. Go away. I will wait on Boxing Day sales. 

3. Oasis -  25% (But Removed)
So Oasis is offering 25% off, which is pretty good for them! - but they have removed all the cute shit from their site. Yup. I checked at 12 yesterday for an item I wanted, loads in stock in all sizes, all the colours, went online as soon as the sale dropped and it was no where to be found - in any of the colours. Bull s**t I tell you lol. 

4. Urban Outfitters - UP TO 50% 
Thinking up to 50% right? WOW! no, not wow, only the ugly stuff is on 50% off, the stuff no one wants. Everything nice is more like 5-10% off... now that is misleading. 

5. TopShop - UP TO 50%
See above. They have done the same. They had their super cute jacket in the sale with the fur, I love it... had the 50% tag on it, and it is actually 28% off... it is just infuriating lol. see if they were actually clear about it - I would have probably bought it. 

6. River Island - 20% off WYS £75
Oooo so I need to part with £75 to gain a measly 20%???? No. Just no. They offer 10-20% off to students all the time, with no minimum spends, I hate a minimum spend too, they are infuriating. 

7. H&M - 20% 
They do 20% off all the time with way less advertising. 

There is just discounts everywhere - and it is overwhelming. Sure it's great if you want a few bits and pieces, but all the marketing, the emails, the adverts, the banners, the social media campaigns - its designed to drive people into a frenzy to BUY BUY BUY. Consumerism at its finest. So I thought I would work against it here, and say you don't need the majority of it. The 10-25% off is pretty crap. Save your money til boxing day - at least then you will be getting 50%! :)

Have you bought into Black Friday this year? Are you fed up of the Emails too? Let me know in the comments below! :)


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