Project Pan 2017 - Update

 I HAVE HIT PAN. On two things too. This is the first time I had ever hit pan on anything other than face powder, so to see it shining though the highlighter was pretty flipping incredible. *happy dance*

So here is my progress on everything so far. With 3 months left I know I won't be finishing much, but its good to see progress - and how much time it actually takes to hit pan on things!

The first pan I hit was on my Becca Champagne Pop. I have been loving using this highlighter, either by itself or mixed in with other highlighters, its just the perfect glow. I squealed in joy when I hit pan, even if it was a bit forced by using the same exact bit over and over. But then I  had a moment to think oh cr*p what if it runs out soon... the joy of being a makeup lover.

The next thing I hit pan on was the Naked Basics Palette. The highlight shade in the palette is the perfect colour for my brow highlight, so I have been using this loads. I am trying to see if I can hit pan on the other shades, but I feel like this will take way longer than the highlight.

MAC Lipstick in Honey Love has been at the same points for months, simply because I don't want to finish it - but I need too, and I know it won't take long - I just need to go for it and get it finished up! :)

The Too Faced Coco Contour palette is proving to be more difficult than I thought. It has a pretty sizeable dip in it now, but it has done for quite some time. I will be happy to hit pan by the end of this!

Last was the Hourglass blush in Mood Exposure. This is the never ending blush, it will go on forever. I have used this non stop for 2 years and no sign of pan. *cries*

What items have you been trying to use up? What items have you finished up? Let me know in the comments below! 

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